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View Poll Results: what type of phone do you use?

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  • android

    21 24.71%
  • i-phone

    16 18.82%
  • blackberry

    4 4.71%
  • other smart phone

    11 12.94%
  • texting phone with phone first data (not a full smart phone)

    9 10.59%
  • texting phone without data

    9 10.59%
  • flip phone with phone first data

    2 2.35%
  • flip phone without data

    4 4.71%
  • no cell phone

    4 4.71%
  • other (please tell!)

    5 5.88%
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    Let's make this showy! raz's Avatar
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    Nov 2008


    I played with Swype accidentally today. It looked like lightning going across my keyboard, haha. It was annoying. I just want straight out typing.

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    Nips away your dignity Fluffywolf's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    9 sp/sx


    Maybe I'm breaking away from INTP stereotype here, but I don't tend to keep up with the mobile phone industry at all.

    My first mobile phone was when I was 19, and only because I needed one for work. A simple nokia model that lasted me several years. By chance, I decided to get an Samsung Galaxy S with android a year back, also mainly because of my work, since I could use internet at hand for work at times. So I now happen to have a relatively up to date phone. But if work had nothing to do with it, I wouldn't have a cell phone at all.

    I personally don't like the idea of being reachable. I mean, I have to be for work and I accept that, but I'd rather not be to be honest.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Senior Member INTP's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    5w4 sx


    i decided to buy a smartphone today, got samsung galaxy s2(i9200) now . cant wait till it charges the battery and i can start learning how it works
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Senior Member swordpath's Avatar
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    Oct 2007


    Had an iPhone 4, now I have a $20 Samsung flip phone. YAY!

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    I have a sony ericson touch screen, its the second generation touch screen so has better power useage than the first, to be honest the pluses are that its got great internet - virtually the same as a laptop most of the time - and probably the best camera - it can take HD film - but it is not an android phone so you cant use the android market to buy apps which is a disadvantage (I couldnt get kindle for mobile when I have it for both laptop and the device itself).

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    Its a Vivaz. Sorry didnt mention that.

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    Senior Member Mae's Avatar
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    May 2011


    LG 400G Net 10 prepaid. All it does it make calls and text. I have no love of cell phones.

    I got my smile from the sunshine,
    I got my tears from the rain.
    I learned to dance when I saw a tiger prance,
    And a peacock taught me to be vain.
    A little owl in a tree so high,
    He taught me how to wink my eye.
    I learned to bill and coo from a turtledove,
    And a grizzly bear taught me how to hug.
    But the guy that lived two caves from me,
    He taught me how to love.

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    I have a cheapo Samsung flip phone, works fine for me.

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    Custom-made headset reconstructed from toaster-oven and baby monitor. It can even listen in on HAM radios and police chatter. Once heard prepubescent children playing WoW on ventrillo.

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    Freaking Ratchet Rail Tracer's Avatar
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    Jun 2010


    Didn't exactly care about what kind of cellphone I got. But since Verizon had that buy one and get another sale... and the person I knew was getting a droid... I was thinking what the hell might as well.

    Sad thing is that it is expensive, and I really don't use everything that comes with it except mainly the navigation, texting, and phone calls.

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