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    Anew Leaf

    Unhappy Monitor Drivers Help...


    I am hoping some tech savvy person can help me out on a problem. I just got a new computer for work from Dell. I am now setting it up with a new monitor that I got at Best Buy and is also a Dell.

    My problem is that the computer isn't recongizing my monitor as anything other than a generic monitor.... So I can't get the display to fit the monitor fully. I have a nice 23" widescreen monitor... and there is 1-2" of black surrounding my desktop. It's driving me nuts! (pun not intended but appreciated...)

    I have tried downloading the drivers.... and it doesn't seem to do a think. I also notice that the auto adjust function is grayed out when I click on my monitor's menu button.

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Shouldnt be a monitor driver but more of a video driver problem. Try to figure out what graphics board you have and then google for the latest nvidia forceware or ati catalyst driver. Could solve your problem

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    Entropie could be right or it really could have to do with the monitor drivers.

    Could you give the exact model of the screen and video card?

    If you're not sure what kind your video card is, use this tool.

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    It is almost certainly a video card driver problem. You can also find out what sort it is by going to control panel, system, device manager and display adapter.

    Make sure you set the resolution correctly - a 16x9 resolution on a 16x10 monitor will stretch or leave black bars and vice versa.

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    Anew Leaf


    I will check when I am back at work tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas!

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