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Thread: Innovating to Zero!

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    Default Innovating to Zero!

    Pretty good stuff. Bill Gates talking about global warming and energy :

    Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero! | Video on
    Oh yeah?

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    excellent link.

    Bill Gates' ideas really have a huge impact on the future. I think he is really ahead of his time in the sense that he can see what can happen 50 years from now.
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    yeah, I like how Gates is essentially much more a philantropist than a capitalist.

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    We all intuitively understand linear growth because that is the kind of growth we are familiar with. But exponential growth is counter-intuitive and so passes our understanding except mathematically.

    And mathematically we can understand exponential growth very well.

    Fortunately we have passed from linear growth to exponential growth since the invention of the printing press, the industrial revolution and now the electronic revolution.

    And as exponential growth proceeds we are moving ineluctably towards the singularity.

    Most of us don't notice this because even exponential growth is incremental and we adjust to to each increment. For instance I am learning to adjust to the increment of the ipod.

    But what is interesting is that as we move inevitably towards the singularity, we don't know what the singularity looks like. In fact it may not look like anything at all, rather it may sound or feel like something.

    And fortunately the electronic revolution is changing our sense ratios. The electronic revolution is no longer privileging the eye, but is bringing the the ear and the sense of touch into play.

    So we may hear and feel the singularity before we see it.

    And so we will discover the singularity or perhaps we might say the singularity will discover us.

    So we may hear the singularity or we may find the singularity is listening to us, just as we listen to each other here.

    And how fascinated we all are by Black Holes for each Black Hole is a singularity. So rather than listening to the singularity approaching us here, we project it outwards into deepest space, the furthest we can get from us. We are deaf to the footsteps of the singularity so we look the furthest we can see, and guess what we see - we see a singularity, an incomprehensible Black Hole. But it is only incomprehensible because we are looking rather than listening.

    Unfortunately MBTI is entirely intuitive. It can be understood entirely without mathematics.

    So MBTI is like driving forward looking in the rear vision mirror while the singularity is rushing towards us through the windscreen.

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    Do words have specific meanings in Australia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    thanks, great video. had no idea that guy is up to something.
    You're welcome TED is a totally awesome stuff, I really hope I'll have a chance to attend one of their events someday.
    Nice website to suggest also is GOOD Home Page - GOOD, often very interesting and useful articles.
    Oh yeah?

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    i have jottet down a german transcript (very free translation) for this video. for a german message board.

    you can't read it but wtf there are one or two german users around here, so:

    bill gates redet in diesem englischem "ted talk" von der erfindung von energie erzeugungsmethoden die keinen CO2 aussto haben und die geeignet sind, herkmmliche erzeugungsmethoden zu ersetzen. er beklagt dass zuwenig geld in die forschung gesteckt wird.

    auf eine neue methode geht er nher ein und zwar auf atomkraft, aber:

    Uran besteht zu 0.72% aus dem Uranisotop 235 und zu 99,3% aus dem Uranisotop 238
    bei der herkmmlichen methode wird nur das Uranisotop 235 verarbeitet, dh das meiste uran ist zur zeit nicht verwertbar.
    bei der neuen methode soll nun auerdem das uranisotop 238 verwendet werden, so dass das uran fast gnzlich verwertet werden kann.

    bei dieser noch nicht verwirklichten methode wrde nicht nur kein abfall entstehen, sondern es knnte sogar der bisher angefallene atommll weiter verarbeitet werden, bis kein problematisches material mehr brig ist.

    allein das in kentucky gelagerte und im sinne der herkmmlichen methode verbrauchte uran (sg. depleted uranium) knnte amerika noch einmal fr 200 jahre mit energie versorgen.

    offenbar ist das meer mit ausreichend heraus-filterbarem uran angereichert um mit dieser effizienten methode genug energie fr die restliche lebensdauer der erde zu gewinnen.

    so ein neuer reaktor wre auerdem viel sicherer, da man ihn in einem vorgang fr sechzig jahre am stck auffllen kann. aktuelle reaktoren werden dauernd neu aufgefllt (von homer simpson, glaube ich), was der gefhrlichste vorgang sei.

    durch moderne supercomputer kann diese technologie nun endlich simuliert werden, wodurch die entwicklung dieser technologie im detail (material auswahl...) erst mglich wird.

    das entwicklungs projekt nennt er terrapower und er wirbt fr die finanzierung.

    er sagt, es braucht einige mal 10 millionen fr den supercomputer, software und ingenieure. fr tests der materialien nochmal 100 millionen, und um den reaktor zu bauen mehrere billionen.

    im angesicht der berechnungen vom weltklima, wnscht er, dass das teil in 20 jahren entwickelt und in 40 jahren verwirklicht sein soll

    ps: dies ist eine fast vollstndige mitschrift des videos. die anfngliche argumentation wieso der co2 aussto wann wieviel reduziert werden muss hab ich weg gelassen.

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    I havent seen the video, cause I cant do that from my workplace but I'll comment on the summary:

    In my opinion as an engineer this is dangerous half knowledge vouching for the american nuclear power lobby from a purely economical standpoint, which is wrapped in big words but contains critical errors.

    I will only talk about the biggest lie in that text, cause its just too ridicoulus to be given more thought.

    The new method he proposes does not not produce no more radioactive waste no more. U-235 contains like a million gigawatts energy, while U-238 contains nearly nothing. Since he hasnt described how he wants to get more energy out of what contains virtually no energy, I'll just assume he is god.

    U-238 is used as a waste product in so called breeder reactors to produce a faint amount of new U-235 + a faint amount of energy and the waste products: U-238 and Pu-239.

    Should he now really have found a method to make power from U-238 this would of course enable the power industry to make cheaper power from their U-238 waste but what he doesnt talk about are the other radioactive materials that are produced in the nuclear fission process due to either coming in contact with rdioactive material or being by-products of the process.

    I'll give you a list to sum up what radioactive waste is produced in the process:

    - Cesium - 137
    - Iodine - 129
    - Iodine - 131
    - Strontium - 90
    - Cobalt - 60
    - Plutonium - 239
    - Plutonium - 241
    - Neptunium - 237
    - Americum - 241
    - Technetium - 99
    - Krypton - 85
    - Ruthenium - 106
    - Rhodium - 65
    - Palladium - 105
    - Palladium - 106
    - Palladium - 108
    - Xenon - 133

    So be careful guys with dangerous half knowledge. All Bill Gates cares about is his wallet. If he talks about reducing CO2 emissions in the face of what other radioactive waste he seems to take for granted for that, he doesnt really care about our environment.
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
    ~ Oscar Wilde - The picture of Dorian Gray

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    is it possible that i translated the names of the isotopes incorrectly? he talks about uranium and i translate uran and he did not use the word isotop, but the numbers 38 and 35 and i got the rest (like the 2 in front of 38) from a german wikipedia article about uran, somewhat guessing that the article speaks about the same stuff. would be glad if anyone points out, if i made critical errors. i have no idea about the topic.

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