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Thread: Web Design

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    A 10 year old can do HTML in Word.

    Try dynamic content with C# .NET framework and Flash 10.
    Google. Srsly. If you want to start your own company you shouldn't be waiting for our posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    A 10 year old can do HTML in Word.
    Don't ever say those two words in the same sentence again.

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    gotta decide somethings first:
    -is it to make yourself public? so you are gonna need a good design with a nice look and feel to it?
    -is it gonna have content that is gonna change every so often? an inventory list like best buy?
    -both of the abve?

    i ask because both involve different kind of technologies
    first one (sweet design, look and feel) involves CSS, HTML, and maybe even flash and other things

    second one requires programming knowledge. you will have to script a lot of things. but once you have things up and running, minimlal maintainance requried
    scripting is USUALLY done through php or c# or
    because you might have a inventory thing, your gonna need a database to back it up...use mysql.....personally recommend php and mysql cuz of the milllions of tutorials out there and ease of learning

    i got a job as a freelance developer making a soccer site for this guy. then i started learning php and mysql...not hard to pick up at alll...although basic programming knowledge is required

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    Are you on a Mac or PC?

    I can give you a list of good software, both free and commercial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzcrossed View Post
    So...I'm looking to start a website for a business, but I have very limited knowledge on how to do that. I don't know HTML yet. I'd love to learn, though.

    So Here's What I'm Looking For:
    1. Tips on Getting Started
    2. Books to Read
    3. Software to Use
    4. Domain Sites to Purchase A Site From
    5. Anything Else You Think of That Would Be Helpful

    Thanks guys!

    Before You Start a Website - Preparing for a Web Presence

    For web design, try an into to web design class at your local college. Or there are plenty of beginner's books on web design. Check out your local bookstore. See which book tickles your fancy.

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