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Thread: The Wave Function

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangol View Post
    I'm just wondering if the point of this thread is one of science or philosophy?
    I think Quantum Mechanics does take us into the area of philosophy because it is so counter-intuitive.

    And the idea - that the Wave Function provides the illusion of space and time, in the same way the spherical Earth provides the illusion of the flat Earth - is quite new.

    Mainly because Einstein himself believed that space and time were not an illusion.

    However there is not only the Wave Function but there is also physical evidence that space and time are an illusion.

    And interestingly it is an illusion created by the Wave Function itself.

    However it is an illusion we all share.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Great Caesar's Ghost Feops, the Sun rose at exactly the right time this morning and it set again at exactly the right time.

    And in between sunrise and sunset the Sun travelled halfway around the Earth.

    So the Sun certainly has not failed to travel around the Earth.

    And certainly I can't think of a system more stable.

    So you can tell me that the Sun going around the Earth is an illusion as many time as you like, but everything works exactly as one would expect..
    Not exactly, or we wouldn't be able to tell one way or another.

    It may help to explain what this Wave Function is, rather than simply repeating that it's an illusion and pulling in other misconceptions as "evidence".

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