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Thread: New Findings Expose Flaws in Old-Earth TheoryThe age of the earth is a pivotal topic

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    The idea of an old earth is based on isotopic methods of dating.

    There are many factors that can cause these results to be rather erroneous, and these factors often exist unnoticed by geologists.

    While creationists have found quite a bit of evidence that the earth is less than a million years old...

    These new findings suggest that earth's "geological column" (composed of many layers of rocks and sediment believed by evolutionists to represent the different evolutionary periods) formed in merely a few millennia rather than the hundreds of thousands of years originally theorized by geologists.

    Scientists now believe that their excessively old original estimates on these rocks could be due to an error caused by accelerated decay as they discover that radioactive decay occurred much more rapidly in the past.

    While these pieces of evidence still don't give an exact age of the earth (not like the evolutionists' theories did in the first place), they do strongly suggest a young earth.

    In fact, the new evidence is so strong that some scholars are wondering just how much more is needed to change the accepted theories altogether.

    Good grief, I give up. Do you honestly believe this horseshit? Probably not since you probably didn't even read it nevermind write it.

    Thank you, plz cum again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    As far as evolution vs. creationism, who knows? Maybe the world was created in 7 earth days...
    Despite the fact that the sun didn't exist at the time, according to the story.

    (One of the primary reasons the organization of the creation stories can't be taken literally? And seemingly was instead meant by the Israelites to categorize/explain the visible world and attribute everything in it to an orderly rather than haphazard/chaotic God?)
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    I see someone has seen Inherit the Wind! :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Despite the fact that the sun didn't exist at the time, according to the story.
    These days were measured with high precision cesium atomic clocks, don't you know your bible stories.

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