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    Default Schizo-mice, Untie!

    I know this isn't funny, but I just cannot stop laughing -- I keep picturing little psychotic mice trying to run across the room, then getting neurotic and hearing voices and talking to themselves...
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    What I don't understand is why they think it's reprehensible. They are just animals, after all. Our needs are more important than those of creatures that aren't even sentient. If someone could prove that mice were sentient, then I would understand the moral concerns.

    That is pretty funny, actually. Psychotic mice hearing things, and reacting to them? I wouldn't have pictured that if you hadn't mentioned it, but now that I have, it is sort of amusing...

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    That is great news though. With an animal model for the disease, much more progress will be made toward understanding it and treatment. I guess this depends on whether or not the animal model accurately parallels the human etiology.

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    That is quite amusing. I would hope that such would be useful-they're mice. We trap and kill such on a regular basis.

    I think I'll go laugh now.
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