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Thread: The Boy With The Incredible Brain

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    Default The Boy With The Incredible Brain

    What's up all? Just stopping in for a second. I saw this short documentary in the Mercola newsletter about a twenty-something Englishman (Daniel Tammet) and his extraordinary ability to calculate numbers in his head to at least "one hundred decimal places," and figured I should share with ya'll. The guy also says he can learn a language in a mere week. He has agreed to allow scientist to study his brain for any insights into his remarkable abilities. I mean this is insane; the guy is better than the calculators (man beats machines). In the video, it says that he had an epileptic seizure as a small child and ever since he has had extraordinary mental powers (kinda like John Travolta from Phenomenon).

    OK enough talk. Here's the video.
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    The boy with Aspergers. He was on 60 minutes last year. Fascinating stuff.

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    This is a good article on Tammet.
    He meets the guy Rainman is based on Peek
    "Peek can read two pages simultaneously, one with each eye. He can also recall, in exact detail, the 7,600 books he has read."

    A genius explains | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited
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    I remember seeing this a while back. It's a pretty special skill set he had. I think they were running a special that day on the discovery channel, with a bunch of savants, feral children, and other brain or mind abnormalities.

    I think he's also a synesthetic and transformed numbers into colors and shapes.
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