Selected Personality Type Websites (Curated By Typology Central)


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  • Typology Central On Twitter
    Twitter Feed for Typology Central
  • Tumblr Blog For Typology Central
    Official Tumblr Blog For Typology Central
  • Typology Central on Google+
    Typology Central on Google +
  • INTPComplex
    Forum for INTPs frequented by those who were members of INTPCentral, which is no longer in existence. This is the "spiritual successor" of INTPCentral. TypologyCentral was spun out of INTPCentral in 2007 to target a broader set of personality types in the membership.
  • The INFJ Cafe
    Wonderful blog by INFJ fiction writer C.L. Denault
  • INFJ Blog
    A blog by an INFJs for INFJs
  • ENTJ Confessions
    Blog with favorite quotes from an ENTJ
  • MBTI Fiction
    This is a pretty good site with information about fictional characters and their types.
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