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Thread: Michael Moore

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    I think he uses Ne style questioning and his trying to resonate with another's conscience is his Fi. I actually met a friend of Michael in real life about 13 years ago (she was another film maker), I remember saying stuff that rather alienated me from her (I had little in the way of social skills back then) but I do remember discussing him a bit. I'm not in contact with her any more though.

    On his quests, he takes one issue and goes for it in depth, with the issues he is most passionate about. He's focussed rather than taking a broad view. I would say Michael Moore is INFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinSkye View Post
    What differentiates e1 anger from e9 or e8? I'd like to know more about these three as I think I resonate least with the gut/instinct three.
    He describes his anger -- not in so many words, but as I interpreted what he was saying -- as being an ever-present force that drives him in his goals as they relate to morality, social change, and "revolution". The way he ties his anger into what he believes is right and just, and the way that he sees his ego as being a total non-presence in that process. Submitting to the greater good at the expense of one's own needs -- which DOES have to do with the ego, but in a way that e1 folks tend to be blind to.

    Rarely would an e9 be so focused on that anger as a presence and motivating force in their lives (because they deny it and often pretend like it isn't there). And the way that he channels it is too indirect, hyper-focused, and focused on "what is right" and "what needs to be fixed" to be comparable to e8 anger, which IME is more constant, less repressed, and less specialized (e.g. "I will only let this out on X occasion").
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