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    Sam is probably an ISTJ
    The mom is an SJ
    Sister is ISTP?
    Dad is ESFx
    Shrink lady might be an NF
    Hornball pervert coworker guy is an ExTP

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    Has anyone watched it yet? Thoughts on types of the characters?

    I like portrayals of autism in film and TV, some of Sam's sensory issues with bright lights, inability to filter out noise in crowded/loud areas, etc are relatable. I could also relate to some of Josh Hartnett's experiences in the film Mozart and the Whale.

    I don't think I had it as bad growing up as Sam though. He says he knows when he's being laughed at/made fun of, he just doesn't know why. In my case, I usually know why, I just don't give a fuck.

    I also find the sister character somewhat relatable.

    It's been suggested autism and aspergers might be inherited; the mom sometimes come across as having a few mild traits in the show.

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