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    Default Vincent Price

    With the Haloween season approaching, it got me thinking and wondering what type Vincent Price would be, or perhaps more importantly, what vibe does he give off to you from his film and TV appearances.

    My guess is IxxJ with INFJ seeming the most likely and ISFJ being another strong possibility.
    Calm, courteous, distinguished, contemplative, insightful and wise. Those are qualities that I think stand out to me in just about any role I can remember him in (granted its not a lot, but its like a strong aura he projected and I can't really place what type it is representing).

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    Aside from his film performances I always enjoyed his appearances on talk shows or TV specials. He was a strong promoter of art appreciation and I think worked with one large department store on their collections of paintings offered for sale. He was also an avid chef...the guy was really just an was a pity that he was sort of pigeon-holed into certain film genres, though he accqutted himself rather well...

    See him in the film "Laura"...
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    Given his "Devil may care" public attitude, I'll say SP or NT. INTP feels proper, though I don't proclaim confidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirsch63 View Post
    He was a strong promoter of art appreciation and I think worked with one large department store on their collections of paintings offered for sale.
    I had the opportunity to go to the auction of his art collection but alas I had even less money available for hobbies than usual...
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