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Thread: Bones

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    Quote Originally Posted by segovois View Post
    Booth => ESFJ 2w3
    Angela => ENFP 7w6 (yhe ENFP with ESTP trends)
    Camille Soryan => ESTJ 1w2
    Booth is most def an N. They talk about how hes intuitive all the time. His Se is also obvious.
    Angela: The bitchyness has to be attributed to her enneagram and instinctual variant.
    Soroyan: Shes ENTJ, she can actually read people a little bit (N).

    Pretty much agree with the rest, havent really put any thought into zacks enneagram

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCheeseBurgerKing View Post
    Bones is not a J? Thats funny. She clearly uses Te. She talks about being objective when looking at evidence and she also talks about hating psychology, which is so out of the realm of ISTJ.

    I really dont get why its so hard to type the people from bones. They practically tell you who is what type in the show. Bones bitches about how booth uses so much intuition and booth rolls his eyes at how bones only sees what is blatantly fact. There really isnt an easier show to type people.
    I think people in this thread are either projecting their own type, hatred of another type, or are confusing intelligence with N. I'm in agreement with you there. Bones and Booth are the most obvious types of the whole show.

    Bones - ISTJ - There is NO way she is an N. She definitely uses Te. She is so ISTJ that it's painful.

    Booth - ENFJ - There is no way he uses anything other than Ni and Fe. You could maybe debate that he is an introvert, but he uses tons of Ni and Fe everywhere. If he didn't, he wouldn't be so proficient at his job. He is extremely perceptive to other's feelings, motivations, and emotions, and he is always making intuitive leaps. He is really the polar opposite of Bones. I have no idea why people keep saying ESFJ. You can be intuitive and still have traditions.

    Less obvious types where I could be off the mark...

    Angela - iSFP

    Sweets - INFJ

    Hodgins - ENTP

    Cam - EsTJ

    It's kind of difficult for me to determine I vs E on this show actually...

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    I don't even know what I said back then but yeah shes istj

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