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Thread: Daria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post

    She seems too dry to be an INTP.
    You don't know any INTPs.

    My first piece of evidence is the episode where that football player comes back to school, acts like a douchebag, and then dies. Dom Ti conflicting with inferior Fe is on full display.
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    Another old thread I'm posting on, whatever...

    Daria has never struck me as an INTJ or ISTJ. Definite 5w4 sp/so IMO, but I'm torn between INTP and INFP. INTP makes sense, especially, as Vulcan said, the thing about how she connected with people after that footballer died. Still, I'd primarily guess INFP, only because it seems like her character is mainly based around Fi. (Though I definitely have known plenty of very dry INTPs).

    As for the others:

    Jane: ISTP
    Trent: ISFP
    Quinn: ESFJ
    Jake: ESFJ
    Helen: ENTJ
    Brittany: ESFP
    Kevin: ENFP

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    Didn't read the entire thread, just skimmed the first and last pages. I think Daria is INTP and I agree with Quinn as ESFJ. Duals.

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