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    Quote Originally Posted by HelenOfTroy View Post
    Great program but hard to watch the more brutal parts, esp the rape scenes.

    I tend to cover my eyes in those parts, I suppose it's trying to portray the real situation as it was (albeit in a slightly more sensational hollywood way)... ok enough complaining I was very interested in it and enjoyed watching it... not seen it all yet.
    Yeah, I mean some of it's a bit rough. The human sacrifice episode is one that comes to mind. First, I have to agree to your *I'm looking away now* sentiment, but for a slightly different reason-- I find that because I'm kind of drawn to dark things, I have to guard my mind from things of that nature. I definitely had to learn that the hard way and have realized that it's not healthy for my mind to ruminate (and it does) on death, darkness and things of morbid nature.

    On the other hand, I actually very likely have Viking heritage (via Armagh in northern Ireland and yes, rape) so I very much appreciate the authenticity the History channel has brought to portraying the Viking culture-- though the truth is a bit screwed up.

    Any thoughts on Enneagram types of the characters?
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    Best scene ever

    Quote Originally Posted by Inis Mona View Post
    Ragnar Lothbrok: ENTJ 8w7 (not sure about the enneagram, I saw him typed as Fe, but I can't see him as F dominant type)
    He's an ENTJ, he's putting together all the pieces together (TE/NI) and moving his pawns like a Grandmaster Chess player. I hope I haven't inflated any ENTJ's ego by them reading this. TE might be mistaken for FE, as it looks to emulate and perhaps control it's environment.
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    I've recently gotten into Vikings cause I was also watching the more recent The Last Kingdom.
    I have no idea how so many of you see Ragnar as an ENTJ.

    Personally the way I see it (and for some of the character typings, also seems to agree and also articulate listing functions and how those connect with each of the individual characters);

    Ragnar: ESTP (Dude has no Te, this is clearly Se-Ti. Go ahead and click the link I attached if you don't see what I'm on about)
    Lagertha : ESTJ (I have no idea how so many of you people who've typed Ragnar as ENTJ miss out on Lagertha's Te and continue to take that as Se?!)
    Aethelstan: ISFJ
    Bjorn : INFP (his Fi is clear as day)
    Aslaug : ESFJ or ISFJ
    Floki : ISTP (but I can see why so many see ENTP for him, even I did)
    Rollo : ENFP
    Siggi : ENFJ

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