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    Default Taylor Schilling

    (Plays Piper Chapman on Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black")

    Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling in Studio Q - YouTube

    For those familiar with her, what do you think of her possible personality types? To start, I'd say from what I've seen of her I think she may be a Fi-dom, but that's all up to interpretation.

    Any ideas?
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    Here's two other links to interviews:
    13/10/02 - Taylor Schilling's PaleyFest interview - YouTube
    Here's she talking about how she relates to Piper's character, how Piper is one thing to the outside world, and something entirely different on the inside. She stresses this a lot, which makes me think she's actually a Se-dom. She seems very "worldly" in the way an extraverted Sensor would; it looks like she makes something out of nothing with her answers to questions, and really has to think before she says something concrete. That could go in either Perceiver direction, I think.

    On a talk show. She seems bubbly, but Fe? I can't quite tell:

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