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Thread: Death note Mello (Seriously?)?

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    Default Death note Mello (Seriously?)?


    I start this because Mello from Death note is my all time favorite anime character. And im really interested of his type while im here. But one thing i noticed is that no one has really confirmed which type he is. There is huge amount of options and suggestions varying from another end to another. While MBTI is not death serious thing, am i supposed to understand this that way that different types understand MBTI types different way... Well, that's not the main question anyway. Can we go this through again and help me determinate really his type? I'am not dying here , but it would be awesome
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    I voted ENFP, but realized he could be an ESFP too, based on my memory from watching the show way back. I'll have to refresh my memory.

    8w7, too.

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    So far E & P are in favor. Otherwise everyone has different opinion. Im cool with having open poll, because it's more comfortable way to participate for most, but it also would be nice to know "why".

    Anyway, since this forum isn't extremely active im going to try also solve this puzzle myself - see if you agree:

    So, Mello has an ability to work alone and do decisions alone and is a leader. But he prefers to always use people - he is "alone" only a little while before his death.
    And he has Matt, who actually gives me introverted vibes. He doesn't open up or do anything for anyone except for Mello. So Mello is Extrovert even though he has definitely lot of introverted properties(like many geniuses). Especially compared to Light, who definitely is introvert and doing decisions without taking anyone to an account.

    Also Mello makes decisions based on emotions. Im pretty sure i have been i doings with Thinking-type, and i think it's more stable and firm than Feeling type. Both have emotions of course, but i get i this hint of warmth from feelers. How would you say, a little bit easier to see the authentic person. And Mello is passionate about his mission. In my eyes he's a Feeler.

    Now, sensing and intuitive - the pain in the ass for me; is still might not get this right. Hmm... but this one aspect caught my attention: the ability to foresee. For example one of the most known aspect of cat & mouse themed stories is that that the "villain" has already predicted the moves of others and can play with these - is this an intuition type thing? Everyone: Near, Light, L and Mello does this. Doesn't the three first have "N" in their mbti type?
    Also i found this: "N's are great at coming up with fantastic ideas, and S's are great at carrying them out and making them a reality." Mello mostly uses other people on things hes not interested to perform and instead focuses in his plans. Although in the other hand Mello also is the one who works and acts in the "field" compared to Near, who is always safe and only gives instructions to others. In the end it also seemed like Mello has acted out on Nears plans. I dont know... I would presume N

    And last. Im also quite sure it's P. He lives spontaneously and doesn't seem to have clear plan. For example, leaving the orphanage, just like that, and stepping to unknown. He made his plans as he went on.

    So in my judgement he is ENFP, at the moment.
    Disagree? Tell me why. I personally avoid taking part to the poll since it's opportunity for others to bring their opinion out.
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    He is very ENFP. He is in no way a T. You just have to look at the way he reacted to L's death to see the F(Fi to be exact) in him. Ne Dom example: Mello is extremely smart and creative. He sees patterns and how they connect in the world around him. Mello tends to chase down different leads, and ally himself with a verity of people in order to hunt down Kira. He sees possibilities of who, where, and what is going on, rather than the uncanny introverted intuition sense of understanding double meanings and projecting what will happen next. He is expressive and tends to surround himself with people, despite his selfish goals and his frustration with others. Although he tends to intentionally alienate people, Mello thrives on stimuli to keep him motivated and inspired.

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    I voted INTJ only because I was thinking of Near sorry

    As for Mello, ugh I can't really remember his character too well but from my blurry memory of him I'd guess ESTP. I think it's time for me to watch this show again

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