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Thread: Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama

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    Default Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama

    With all the talk of politics in the air these days I find myself, like many a Myers-Briggs aficionado, looking through the types attributed to the most oft-heard names...especially those witht he most striking or contrasting personalities.

    However, some of the types from what I'm assuming are pretty well-researched contributors (i.e. Keirsey, the CelebrityTypes gang) have labeled them in ways that don't make much sense to I wanted to hear your opinions on whether you agree or disagree with what they've suggested and why.

    Bill Clinton seems to pretty consistently come up as an ESFP. Outgoing, spontaneous, in may ways the epitome of charisma...I definitely have no disagreements with the EFP characterization. But why would he be typed as a Sensor rather than an Intuitor? His approach in every speech or even to policymaking in general seems oriented preferentially to global, big-picture concepts rather than focusing only on minute details and the here-and-now.

    The Junior Bush meanwhile I see almost universally designated an ESTP. Again, by virtue of his comfort with people and outgoing manner I can definitely see the Extroverted Perceiving there, and his focus is clearly more on the day-to-day details than underlying concepts that are the focus of Intuitors. But why does he tend to be described as a T? My impression of him is of someone driven first and foremost by his own system of personal values, not textbook-style correctness...and the way he communicates with people seems laced with emotion more than detached objectivity. I may not agree with his political ideas, but I won't disagree that he is most definitely a people-oriented person.

    Barack Obama meanwhile seems typed across the board, most often as an ENFJ, ENFP or ENTP it seems. From what I've read, in stark contrast to the onscreen image he is known for being cool and aloof in the workplace, almost 'prickly' - not enjoying the company of other people any more than necessary to complete a task. Based on that my guess would be INTJ, but I'm really not certain.

    What do you think?

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    Bill Clinton - pretty much ENFP if there ever was one(contrast him with his ITJ wife)

    Junior Bush - classic cowboy ESTP

    Barack Obama - visionary type ENFP but a more cool, detached demeanor compared to Clinton

    So we've had 3 EP presidents for the past 2 decades, no wonder the US is institutionally a mess.
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    Barack Obama is clearly an INFJ. Maybe ENFJ.

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    Obama is no INFJ. Please.

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    I think Clinton is more likely ESFP

    ESTP all the way for Bushie

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    Clinton - ENTP or ENFP
    Bush - ESTP
    Obama - very ENTP 3w4
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC99 View Post
    But why does he tend to be described as a T? My impression of him is of someone driven first and foremost by his own system of personal values, not textbook-style correctness...
    Yes, I quite agree with you. I consistently see from him a personal set of morals that does not bend to others', though it may evolve over time. What I rarely see from him is any kind of T-indicative "rationality" to his decisions. To me, this fits an Fi-dom pretty well. I prefer the ISFP typing that I've seen for him somewhere else.

    Bill Clinton, I feel pretty sold on the ExFP, but would have to look into more info to see the possibility of N rather than S. (agreed with the ESFP consensus for now)

    Barack hard to know.
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    Bill Clinton - ENTJ
    George Bush - ENTJ, George Bush-jr. - ENFJ
    Barack Obama - ENFP

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    Bill Clinton: ESFP 3w2 So/Sx
    George Bush Jr: ESTP 9w8 So/Sp
    Barack Obama: ENTP 3w4 So/Sp
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

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