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Thread: Typing-Thread: TV Shows/Movies in 2013

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    Default Typing-Thread: TV Shows/Movies in 2013

    I thought we needed more of these threads. Throw in any characters from series, movies or other from 2013. Correction/Appreciation welcomed


    Game of Thrones:
    Tyrion Lannister: ENTP
    Daenerys Targaryen: INFJ
    Arya Stark: ISTP
    Sansa Stark: ISFP
    Jon Snow: INFJ
    Joffrey Baratheon: ESFP
    Margaery Tyrell: ENFJ
    Cersei Lannister: ENTJ
    Jaime Lannister: ESTP
    Tywin Lannister: ESTJ
    Petyr Baelish: ENTJ
    Stannis Baratheon: ISTJ
    Renly Baratheon: ENFP
    Theon Greyjoy: ESFP
    Samwell Tarly: INFP
    Bran Stark: INFP
    Catelyn Stark: ISFJ

    The Walking Dead:
    Rick: ISFP
    The Governor: ENTJ
    Daryll: ISTP
    Hershel: ESFJ
    Carol: ISFJ
    Glenn: INFP
    Maggie: ESFJ
    Michonne: ISTP

    Breaking Bad:
    Walter: ISTJ
    Jesse: ESFP
    Skyler: ESFJ
    Hank: ESTP
    Marie: ESFP
    Walter Jr.: ISFP
    Mike: ISTP
    Saul: ENTP


    Iron Man: ENTJ
    Superman: ISFJ
    Thor: ESFP
    The Wolverine: ISTP

    The Hobbit:
    Bilbo: ESFJ
    Gandalf: INTP
    Smaug: INTP
    Legolas: ISFP
    Elrond: ISTJ
    Galadriel: INFJ
    Thorin: ESTJ
    Kili: ISTP
    Radagast: ISFP
    Tauriel: INFP
    Thranduil: INTJ
    Balin: ISFJ

    Elsa: INFJ
    Anna: ESFP
    Kristoff: ISTJ

    The Hunger Games:
    Katniss: ISFP
    Peeta: ENFJ

    Star Trek:
    Kirk: ENFP
    Spock: INTJ
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    Frances Ha

    Frances - ENFP 6w7 So/Sx
    Sophie - EN?J

    This is the End

    Seth Rogen - ENTP 6w7 So/Sp
    Jay Baruchel - ISFP 6w5 Sp-first
    Jonah Hill - ESFJ 2w3 So/Sp
    James Franco - ?S?P 9w8
    Danny McBride - ESTP 7w8 Sx/So

    Only God Forgives

    Julian - ISTP 9w8
    Crystal - ESTP 8w7 Sx/So
    Billy - E?T? 8w7
    Chang - IN?J 1w9

    Mad Men (characters more-or-less introduced during Season 6)

    Silvia Rosen - INF? 4w3
    Ted Chough - ENFJ 3w2 So/Sp
    Bob Benson - E?FJ 3w2
    Jim Cutler - ENTJ 3w4
    Abe Drexler - ENF? 6w5 or 1w2 So/Sp
    Teenaged Sally Draper - INFJ 1w? or 6w5

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