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Thread: What type is... gasp... GOD?

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    (Whether he's T or F has nothing to do with how neurotic the guy is, though. C'mon, people.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    OT God is, if anything, ESFJ. There is no logic to his pronouncements, just following arbitrary social standards "because he said so".
    Okay, now I can see him as something other than ESTJ. While he did create the universe as a system that itself follows sets of rules, I could see him as a big ol' F. Most of his concerns are about people rather than the systematic universe; and Fe because many of those concerns involve imparting many rules that are intended to control his clan--and to separate his clan from others.

    Lenore argues that "because he said so," though, can also be a Te-dom trait ("King of the Mountain"-style argument). I'll dig up the link and post it here when I find it, because it's an interesting read anyway.

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    I agree.

    For Old Testament God, I can't see anything other than ESTJ. When Super-boy punched reality in the New Testament and retconned that version of God, writers started depicting him as ENFJ.
    God turned from a guy who almost killed the whole life on planet earth just because he didn't like it (Arche Noah) to a guy who loves people so much that he even died for them... through them... and got tortured by them.
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