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Thread: The Weeknd / Frank Ocean

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    Default The Weeknd / Frank Ocean

    I think the Weeknd is probably an ESFP. I'm honestly not sure about Frank Ocean. I don't think Frank really reveals himself through his lyrics like the Weeknd. The Weeknd is more confessional.

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    The Weeknd - ISFP 9w1-4w5-5w4 Sx/Sp

    Frank Ocean - ISFP 9w8-4w5-7w6 Sx/Sp

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    I could see core-4w5 for The Weeknd, but he comes off as an agreeable, self-forgetting, go-with-the-flow type in the few offstage videos I've seen of him.

    I could see both 3w4 or 4w3 fixes for Frankie, but the way he handles the topic of his sexuality seems 4-ish in general to me.

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