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    Dominance really is that important...

    I know an ESTJ, tho, who is so obnoxious in certain Si-ish kinda ways...

    And ESFJs, including my mom, often have this whole FeSi thing about those who are "weird" that always rubs me the wrong way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkgraffiti View Post
    my mum was telling me just yesterday that when i was 3-4 years old i'd play with the other kids just fine, but after awhile i'd isolate myself. i was fascinated by things and people but i also needed alone-space. i liked hearing that, because i'm also like that now.
    yup! i think it's an enfp thing. my mom says that i never liked people and was never interested in mixing with others much. i think she meant i don't like being forced to interact with new people for too long. i love people, and i am interested in others. i have a diverse group of friends and am fairly connected socially. but i'm usually happier on my own or with a trusted member of the inner circle.
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