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Thread: Australian and New Zealand Politic and MBTI?

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    Question Australian and New Zealand Politic and MBTI?

    Search for video and info for type

    Act Party

    Rodney Hide?

    John Banks?

    Don Brash?

    Green Party

    Russel Norman ?

    One Nation
    Pauline Hanson?


    Helen Clark
    Julia Gillard
    Peter Fraser
    Norman Kirk
    David Lange
    Kevin Rudd
    Walter Nash
    David Shearer
    Phil Goff

    National party

    Robert Muldoon
    Keith Holyoake
    Jenny Shipley
    John Key
    Jim Bolger
    Sidney Holland

    Liberal Party

    John Howard
    Harold Holt
    Tony Abbott

    NZ First
    Winston Peters

    United Future
    Peter Dunne

    Mana party
    Hone Harawira

    Maori Party
    Tariana Turia
    Pita Sharples

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    I'm not sure enough to type all of those, so here are some selective typings:

    Rodney Hide - ESFJ
    John Banks - ENTJ
    Don Brash - ISTJ
    Russell Norman - ENFJ
    Helen Clark - INTJ
    David Lange - ENFP
    David Shearer - INFJ? (he's hard to type)
    Phil Goff - ISTJ
    Robert Muldoon - EXTJ (to the max!)
    John Key - INTJ
    Winston Peters - ENTJ
    Peter Dunne - ISFJ
    Hone Harawira - ESTP
    Tariana Turia - ISFJ
    Pita Sharples - ESFJ
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

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