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Thread: Metal Gear Solid Characters

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    Default Metal Gear Solid Characters

    For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, there is literally tons of media on youtube of cutscenes and such.

    Solid Snake : INTJ or ISTP ; Seems like either of these types.

    Meryl : EXFP ; Emotionally driven, not very rational

    Naomi : INFJ ; Not positive on this one

    Otacon : INXP ; Could be either, really. Really mushy, but analytical too.

    Mei Ling : ISFJ

    Nastasha : XXXX ; Dunno. Hard to type Russians.

    Liquid Snake : ENTJ ; Fits the ENTJ badguy profile

    Ocelot : XSXJ ; Has that attitude, and is the main henchman.

    Sniper Wolf : IXXJ ; Has a J like attitude, and a sniper is kind of a solitary job..

    Colonel : ISTP

    Vulcan Raven : XNFX

    GreyFox : XXXX ; No idea for him either.

    Psycho Mantis : INTP ; hmm..Guess.

    Octopus : ???? ; muahaha! In all likelihood, an INTJ or ENTP

    Clone Soldiers : ESTJ's..
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    I played the game years ago. Can't really recall the characters too well. But Snake was definitely and ISTP.
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