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Thread: Nate Ruess from Fun?

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    Default Nate Ruess from Fun?

    Some Nights has been playing a lot on the radio recently, and i decided to check out their songs... turns out i really like their style, and im really curious what you guys think his type could be / what type their style reflects! They seem pretty SP to me, but then again i've never really tried typing many people, let alone celebrities!

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    Been wondering about this too. I'm not good at typing people though because I've yet gotten in cognitive processes and all that.

    Well Nate has commented that the lyrics he writes are based on worst-case scenarios he envisions. He says he has trouble writing lyrics, but he tries to get them the best he can because he thinks they're an important aspect missing from music these days.

    Jack is very passionate about LGBT.

    And that's all I can think of that could help type them.
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