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    I was watching full metal jacket and reading Eric B's stuff about temperament and I think I have a theory that supports the relationship between Pvt.Pile and Sgt.Hartman in the movie.

    Pvt.Pile = MelancholySupine = INFJ = NiFeTiSe = Conceptual patterns that are hospitable
    Sgt.Hartman = PureCholeric = ENTJ = TeNiSeFi = Conceptual patterns that are efficient

    They're basically the exact opposite of eachother, Pile wants safety but he's thrust into the marine corps where he is forced into a system of efficiency. This most likely explains their relationship and why Hartman singles him out; because he is the exact opposite of the ideal marine or how he would view an ideal marine.

    In before I'm completely wrong.

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    Sgt. Heartman was an ESTJ 8w7 SO/SP, and I have no idea what private pile was. He seemed like a core 6w7 though.

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