I'm looking for anyone who's played through the video game To The Moon to help me come up with types.

I think Dr. Eva Rosalene may be IxTJ, and pretty one-ish, but it's hard to say because she's a certain way when interacting with Neil and rather different with everyone else.
Dr. Neil Watts comes across as more of a perceiver to me, but also probably still an introvert like Eva... He's pretty consistently insensitive with everyone, so more classically suited to the T description. Maybe IxTP?
Johnny as a teenager really looks like an enneagram type six to me, but MBTI is a little harder to pull out. I can't decide whether his investments in River are compromise of self for the other (F) or compromise of himself for the task (T).
I can't see River as anything but ISFP.
I don't think Lily's character is described clearly enough to type.