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    I relate to Sansa too much really, when she told Tyrion why she's in the godswood all the time, I used almost those exact words to tell my parents why I was on my computer all the time (when I was a teenager).
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    Going off the show, not the book:

    Littlefinger is INTJ to Varys' INFJ

    Arya is an ISTP (Ti pours through her thought process)

    Dany is an IxFP (not FJ) who had to "grow up" and wield that Te, but it is to ultimately serve her Fi.

    Jon Snow - lol, he's not a TJ. He's F. Either INFP or INFJ.

    Tyrion, the imp, is an ISFJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    Neither is Sansa (except in one scene in the last episode, which is not in the book). All she does to 'play people' is retreat into herself and stoically say what she is supposed to.
    Yeah that's true. I guess I'm letting it loom too large in my memory, because I just watched it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    Have you read the books?
    I think it's pretty clear he has not. Good times.

    Edit: For those who have not read the books, there is a definite difference between many characters. Most notably Littlefinger. Littlefinger in the book is the ghost in the mirror that you barely get a chance to see how epic this man is. Littlefinger on the show is as subtle as painting him neon and saying AMGOURDS CHESSMASTER OF UNIVERSE with trumpets every time he graces the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    Nope, he's very much aware of what he doesn't know and what he can and can't do.
    So... this ability is solely for IxTJs then? Because I know quite a few people of varying types who are bluntly aware of their own shortcomings. He's also older and more experienced, and dare I toe onto... wiser.

    He doesn't share more of his thoughts than he has to; it's just common to mistake IxTJs for Te doms sometimes because they communicate with the outside world in such a Te-oriented way. Remember that with introverts, when you interact with them, you are most likely speaking to the general's aide, not the general himself--he stays behind in the tent. (@ first pointed this out to me.)
    It's also called self-control. We are talking about a man who must be somewhere in his 60's given the age of his children.

    Also he is not removed from Fi; it's deeply important to him to carry on his family name and to maintain his particular idea of honor (which may not be the same as most people's.)
    At this age he will be far closer to his Fi at this point than were we discussing a teenager.

    He has always felt insulted that the gods gave him a dwarf for a son
    What does this have to do with type? Look at the context and culture of the world. Look at what he values: control. Let's then add on the layer of knowledge wherein Tyrion's birth CAUSED Tywin's wife to die. I think THAT is more the source of Tywin's hatred for that particular child; Tyrion being a dwarf is merely the urine frosting on such a cake.

    he worries deeply for the legacy of his family name, which is a large part of why he cares so deeply for Jaime. The attachment to his family name and its long-term legacy is also a big deal for Si, because a world without his family would strike him as deeply unfamiliar (and thus unsettling) and would lead him to feel like he'd failed in his duty to history and family (which is a big deal for Si doms.)
    @bold, where is the evidence for that? I am not an Ni-er - so Ni-ers feel free to correct me - but I don't take his dedication to family legacy as being solely relegated to Si-land. I see it as, this man has created something from nearly nothing.... why would he want it squandered?


    All in all, culling mainly from the books since I consider them more truthful source material than the shows... I consider Tywin to be ENTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturned View Post
    I think it's pretty clear he has not. Good times.

    Edit: For those who have not read the books, there is a definite difference between many characters. Most notably Littlefinger. Littlefinger in the book is the ghost in the mirror that you barely get a chance to see how epic this man is. Littlefinger on the show is as subtle as painting him neon and saying AMGOURDS CHESSMASTER OF UNIVERSE with trumpets every time he graces the screen.
    Lol. I keep expecting the on-screen Littlefinger to twirl his moustache with panache and mug the camera after each double-edged comment he makes.
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    Tyrion and Introvert lol no way Jose

    Tyrion Lannister- ENTP

    Jaime Lannister- ESFJ

    Cersei Lannister- ISTJ

    Daenerys Targaryen- INFJ

    Jon Snow- ISFJ

    Petyr Baelish- ENTP( No way an INTJ is running a brothel and is able to charm women)

    Maergary Tyrell- ESTJ

    Stannis Baratheon- ISTJ

    Theon Greyjoy- ESTP

    Bran Stark- INFP

    Sansa Stark- ISFP

    Arya Stark- ESFJ

    Brienne of Tarth- ISTP

    Ramsay Bolton- ESTP

    Varys- INTJ (mastermind who doesnt let sex/emotions get in the way)

    Bronn- ISTP

    Gendry- ISFP

    Tywin Lannister- ESTJ

    Shae- ESFJ

    Ygritte- ISTP

    Jofferey Baratheon- Signs of sociopathy which makes him very hard to type , but I'll guess ESFP but twisted

    Catelyn Stark- ESTJ

    Robb Stark- ESTJ

    Eddard Stark- ISTJ

    Robert Baratheon - ESFP(typical low IQ buffoon but skilled warrior)

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    I don't watch it, but in this link there's some really cool typings:
    Tagged "game of thrones" | Funky MBTI Fiction

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    I don't see Cersei as a sensor. Ni causes most of her problems. I also think she naturally has Fi, but is forced to use Fe instead. She seems like an ambivert, so I'd guess xNTJ.

    Littlefinger actually does seem to use Fe with ease. He could be an ENFJ. I guess he might be different in the books, but in the show he doesn't come across as particularly introverted or reserved about his feelings. In fact, he uses his alleged feelings for Catelyn to manipulate people.

    Milisandre--xNFJ. She's pretty charming and good at persuading people, and although she's mysterious there's little proof in the show that she's introverted. She's usually around other people and doesn't seem bothered by unexpected company. However, Ni could still be her dominant function and she could be so committed to her faith that she's willing to put on any front to see her plan through. I can see TJ as well though. She is good at forward planning and likes to test a theory she has in the outside world, so I see a possible Ni/Te combination in her.

    Varys--INTP or INFJ.


    Catelyn--I see more ESTJ than anything. She's action-oriented and uses Fi more than Fe.

    Jon Snow--ISFP


    The Hound--ISTP




    Joffrey--It's hard to say because he was unhealthy and didn't last long, but I do think he liked to be able to control his environment and liked clarity and consistency from the outside, so I think he's a Te user and possibly a J. Obviously he did not use Fe much. He preferred to be blunt rather than tactful, and though highly sensitive he preferred to appear otherwise. He was young and immature, so it's difficult to see how much foresight he might have. He didn't really have to call most of the political shots. Were he less spoiled, and forced to make important decisions, it'd be interesting to see what would do.

    Daenerys confuses me. I can't tell if she uses Fi or Fe. She's good at assimilating into different groups and had good diplomacy for her level of experience, yet she also has some strong, unconventional (for the time/place) views that she refuses to give up even if it hurts her popularity. It was only when individual people came to express their tragedies to her (in the show, at least) that she yielded a bit. That seemed very Fi to me. I think whatever feeling function she uses guides her the most.

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    [QUOTE=Emotionalogic;2303818]Oberyn isn't direct enough for se, he enjoys being ambiguous, obscure. And he represses Si, not Ni. And I don't see much fi. You don't need fi to want revenge.

    I see Oberyn as an ENFP or even an ENTP, and I know an ENFP with a similar personality. I could buy ENFJ also. People seem to think if you're intuitive you have no sensations and if you're a sensor you're literal all the time. That's absurd and we'd not be very well off in the world if we were that limited. Most people on GoT have to be adaptable to survive. Oberyn may be a good fighter like almost every other male in the series, but that doesn't make him a sensor. He frequently thinks on his feet and manipulates situations by doing or saying the non-obvious thing. He's poetic and a talker and obviously, at times can't keep his mouth shut. He's open minded and looks at things from unique angle.

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