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    Did anyone bring up Princess Mononoke? Is that considered anime, or just animation? Ah, who cares.

    Ashitaka: Intense, serious, reserved. Definitely I. That one was easy. The real question becomes everything else.

    Ashitaka is defined by tranquil fury, or the tendency to become deadly serious when it gets deadly serious. More importantly, his giant can of supernatural whoop-ass is uncanned in the name of stopping the fighting and making the point that hatred solves nothing. He forcibly inserts himself in the badass knife-fight between Eboshi and San, both of whom look like they've been saving all their bloodlust for this singular opportunity to cut the other the eff in half, and neither of whom ever seem to betray a flicker of doubt regarding the rightness of their cause.

    I was having trouble deciding between NT and NF until I realized that Ashitaka is an idealist. His goal from the very beginning of the story is to "see with eyes unclouded by hate," and as the primary go-between of the opposing factions, he sees that neither side is intrinsically bad, and that both sides are actually capable of quite a bit of good. Their refusal to coexist, to forgive, to see each other's strivings as legitimate, is the main source of the conflict.

    Still can't decide between INFP and INFJ. I first thought that he emoted his judging function like Js do--he's not really shy about stating unequivocally what his purpose is and what he thinks is right, and he's calm and polite while still not tiptoing around others' feelings, which is why for a minute I thought him a T--but at the same time he seems to entertain from the beginning shades and shades of gray, like how Eboshi is ruthless in her expansion of Irontown but ineffably gentle with the lepers she takes in--and he does this to a degree that seems more like textbook Ne. He has a moment of doubt where he almost leaves (like a P?), but then he's pulled inexorably into the fighting once again.

    Hmmm. I don't know. In the end, he's the one who sees and understands and desperately tries to reconcile the two sides. Definitely some kind of INF.
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    I saw Lupin the third on the front page and I thought ENTJ? What!? Lupin seems more ExTP than anything else possibly ENTP because he is known for being very clever. He could be ENTJ, like Eric Cartman ENTJ, but other than that I just don't see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proffesor Crackpot View Post
    I saw Lupin the third on the front page and I thought ENTJ? What!? Lupin seems more ExTP than anything else possibly ENTP because he is known for being very clever. He could be ENTJ, like Eric Cartman ENTJ, but other than that I just don't see it.
    ENTJ for Lupin is quite sad. What is worse is someone claiming to be of a particular type typing someone of a completely different type as the type he/she believes/claims to be. In this scenario it is an ENTJ assuming Lupin to be an ENTJ. FYI clever does not equate to ENTP - a mistake quite of lot of MBTI enthusiasts initially seem to do. Lupin is not an Ne user and absolutely not an Ne dom. Lupin is one of the most obvious anime ISTPs along with Spike Spiegel. The reason he appears extroverted is probably because he is an So/Sx enneagram 7 (probably a wing 6). He has a chart-the-course interaction style as opposed to In-charge interaction style displayed by ESTPs.He does seem to chart-the-course extremely fast though. Which is probably why he is so popular. Lolz

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    I saw this thread a long time ago before I joined so I really am excited to be posting here for the first time.

    Lovely Complex (LOVE*COM)

    Risa - ENFP 7w6 Sx/So I know it's exactly the same as me, but I do relate to her a lot. Of course, that's not my only reasoning (although I think ENFP should be obvious for her anyways). She has lots of socially retarded Fi moments, and she even says herself she gets flustered over whatever Otani does. Screams ENFP to me. 7w6 because she's definitely not a 7w8. Sx/So because she does a lot of things she finds herself embarrassed for later on.
    Otani: ISTP 4w3 So/Sp I had trouble with him! I could also see ESTP, but I don't see him as Se dom. He has no intuition at all and he only realized that Risa liked him once he related the things she said about the guys she likes to himself. So/Sp because he's the captain of the basketball team.
    Nobuko: ENFJ 2w3 Sx/So I might be biased again this time because this is the same type as my best friend. Definitely ExFJ, and she's more intuitive than sensing since she knew about Risa's initial interest in Otani and then Otani's interest in Risa out of nowhere.
    Nakao: ENFJ 2w3 Sx/So I didn't have much to go off of with him, but he strikes me as the same as Nobuko. The only time you see him is when he and Nobuko are in PDA-mode really. They're basically the same person.
    Chiharu: INFP 9w1 Sp/So I knew she was INFx but I didn't know she was a P until she blew up at Suzuki for throwing himself a pity party. Screams Fi to me. (: Sp/So because she never naturally pursues intimate relationships.

    I didn't bother with the rest of them regarding the Enneagram so here are what I think their MBTI types are:

    Suzuki: ISFJ
    Haruko: ExTJ
    Seiko: ESFP
    Mighty: ENFJ
    Mimi: ESTJ
    Kohori: ExFP
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    Accel World

    Haruyuki: INFP
    Kuroyukihime: INXJ (It's still too early to really understand what her auxiliary function is)
    Chiyuri: ENFJ
    Takumu: INTP

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    W.I.T.C.H mbti (re-done):

    Irma- ESFP
    Taranee- INFJ
    cornelia- ESFJ
    Hay-Lin- ENFP
    Nigel- INFP?
    Caleb ENFJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunarMoon View Post
    Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
    I used to watch Naruto when I was younger. I think we can add Shikamaru (or however you spell it) to the list.
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    I thought Kakashi was actually an ISTJ who adopted a more laid-back attitude to honour Obito (before he realised the truth.)

    I've been trying to work out the MBTI for Madara Uchiha
    and I'm torn between ENTJ and ENFJ (who merely adopted his values from the brutal time he grew up in.) He has a big inferiority complex regarding the first Hokage due to his loss in the Valley of the End and then disappeared (possibly into his cave) for decades where he became delusional and broken before eventually coming up with the Moon Eye Plan (presumably to create a world without losers where he is no longer haunted by his greatest defeat.) I am unsure whether the above behaviour would be too irrational for an NTJ, especially if he intended to originally fade away into disgrace in the aftermath years. An NTJ surely would not adopt such a position (unless their Fi was way out of wack) if they could just go live in another country and then one day come back as a general.

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    Dragon Crisis:

    Rose: INFP
    Ryuji: IXFJ?
    Eriko: ESTP
    Onyx: ENTJ
    Misaki: INFP
    Maruga: XSFJ?
    George: ENFP
    Ai: ISFJ
    Tokura: INTP

    I ironically I lack information on the distinction between INFJ vs. ISFJ. Especially when they're similarly a enneagram 2ish. Also, Ryuji is just one of those characters who just has a lot of room for improvement to become an INFJ (or something else).

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    Blast of Tempest

    Yoshino: INFJ
    Mahiro: ISTP
    Hakaze: Either a poorly written ENFJ/ENFP or I'm mistaking female traits from an actual ENTJ for having an EXFP side. Never got to meet an ENTJ female before. Interesting type if true. D:

    Samon: ISTJ
    Natsumura: ISTJ
    Tetsuma: ISTP
    Megumu: ISFP
    Evangeline: ENTP
    Junichiro: INTP
    Takumi: INTJ

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