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    I guess I can try some Bleach.

    Ichigo: ISFP
    Orihime: INFP
    Chad: ISFJ
    Ishida: INTJ
    Rukia: Umm. ESTJ?

    Urahara: ENTP
    Byakuya: ISTJ
    Ukitake: ENFJ
    Renji: ESTP (?)
    Aizen: Hell I dunno.
    Gin: Again... but I'd like these two typed.

    I once saw Ichigo typed as an INFP, and I was like, WTFno, he's about as ISFP as you get.

    The thing about Bleach is that it's really easy to tell the sensors from the intuitives. It's not a 'smart/dumb' divide (as I've seen too many people make, and that's sad) but it's more that there are obviously quite a few characters who have an offbeat thinking pattern. I mean, for all of Uryu's seriousness and Te/Fi, he's still normally a whacked-out froot loop.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Wonder how a video game thread would work.. I imagine many here would've played some Final Fantasies at the very least.
    What a waste of life..

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    Would anyone care to type KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Characters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuraKoji View Post
    Would anyone care to type KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Characters?
    I haven't seen that one yet, but I'll put it on my list once I'm done with Eyeshield 21.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silently Honest View Post
    OMNi: Wisdom at the cost of Sanity.

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    Anyone see the Death Note movies?
    I saw both today.

    Light seems a lot more like an INTJ in the movie than in the anime.
    If I saw the movie before the anime, I would have never come to the conclusion of ENTJ for Light.

    I personally liked the movie a lot- the movie and anime are both good in their own ways but I found that I liked the ending of the movie better. (I won't spoil anything)
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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    I recently rewatched Escaflowne (the series):

    Hitomi: the hardest charcter for me to type. On the Fe front, she's very emphathetic and yet one of the major points of the series is how unaware she is that her emotions control the people around her (and manifest into reality). She's also very fickle and mostly lacks defining internal values (not strong/dominant Fi). enFJ?

    Van: ISFP - the easiest for me to type. Although it's annoying for everyone to mention what a sensitive, impressionable soul he is, it is mostly true. Has a sort of black/white mentality lacking in diplomacy and so single-minded/loyal to his goal that he tends to be short-sighted.

    Merle: EStP - Spends a lot of the time pointing out the obvious to oblivious characters and generally being clear-cut and self-motivated.

    Allen: ESTP/ESFJ? - Definitely has a total playboy/rebellious side, but also spends so much time being Mr. Properly Gallant Knight. Seems upset enough by Dryden's free-wheeling ways to be more ESFJ.

    Millerna: ESFP - just wants to be free to be, has idealized vision of Allen.
    Dryden: ENTP - Enjoys living life to its fullest and fulfilling his intellectual curiosity.
    Prince Chid: ISFJ - Will idealistically fulfill his duty
    Balgus: ISTJ - super-disciplined and loyal samurai

    Zaibach Empire:
    Folken: INFJ (Hey! An INFJ villain!) - Caring to and inspiring great loyalty in the outcasts he takes in. Deals damage to the opposition using his knowledge of their emotional minefields (eg. the manipulated Allen/Hitomi kiss). Willing to make sacrifices for his grand plan (Ni) to remake the world into a better place.

    Emperor Dornkirk/Isaac Newton: INTj - A driving need to discover the universal natural law and to control it/ put it into the hands of man.

    Dilandau: batshit crazy.... ESFP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiddo View Post
    Yah. Although I wouldn't mind wearing a Zero gettup. When else can you be called a Zero and think its pretty cool?
    I've actually considered cosplaying Zero as well. Not for the same reason as you though. Has anyone typed characters from Vampire Knight?

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    Sorry for bumping old threads...

    Just had a thought: What type would you give for Gendo Ikari from Evangelion? I have an amateur guess, but I'll see what is said first.
    Last edited by Cimarron; 09-11-2008 at 07:44 PM. Reason: really curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torai View Post
    How about Shikamaru from Naruto? INTJ? He is introverted (I). He is very intuitive (N). He makes so many sexist jokes and remarks (T). And he is a very good strategist and a natural leader (J).
    no way in HELL he's a J. J's don't mean their leaders, they mean they like things structured. his 'how troublesome' attitude SCREAMS P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuraKoji View Post
    Would anyone care to type KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Characters?
    sure. i'm reading it in chinese though, so i can't give you the names .

    main character: ISFP. i mean when he's not all kickass like of course. he's private, doesn't really get out of his way (at all at the beginning) to improve (P), doesn't really have the theoretical curiosity of an N, and just wants people to get along (F). i think the author may want to eventually turn him into an INFP idealist.

    bomb guy: ENTJ. talks quite a bit and is not afraid of saying the wrong thing (ET). could be a P i guess but he works his ass off trying to get better. N because i've seen his latest weapons and such and he looks like he likes theory. creative guy too.

    baseball guy: ISTP. seems like he has a good F side, but if you read the type, descriptions, i think it fits well. sporty, quiet, calm and clever enough. i think the 'ignorance of the situation' thing is an act. seems like someone who may take time alone to reflect after having observed.

    boxing guy: ESFP. this one's a bit of a tricky one, but i tried doing it bit by bit. E because he is a social guy, S because he doesn't seem to think about stuff that are too airy fairy. F because i've seen him act out of his morals more than his logic and P just because he doesn't look like a J. doesn't get heavily depressed, isn't a planner etc. many ESFP's like sport too.

    prefect guy: INTJ. definitely not the social type (I), doesn't seem to work based on morals (T). J because he made it to prefect somehow. no way in hell he's an ISTJ, he makes the rules. the gouvernator brand of INTJ, not the supreme geek brand. confidant as fuck.

    mirage guy: INTJ. same as above really. the world is his oyster.

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