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    You have many good points. Anyways, I'd dub Luffy as an EXFP for now but my my mind keeps tells me he's more of an N.

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    I'd settle for ExFP.

    Whatever he is, he isn't strongly and obviously either S or N over the other.

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    What exactly are the arguments for Luffy being ENFP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnePiece View Post
    What exactly are the arguments for Luffy being ENFP?
    Ragingkatsuki's posts on pages 13 and 14 of this thread have some of these.

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    A summary would be nice, considering you probably already debated all his points.

    Luffy does everything based on his instinct (his naivety isn't because of Ne, he's just an idiot), he doesn't think too much about external connections between things.


    When Nami, Zoro, and The Princess was being turned into candles by Mr. 3, they'd told Luffy to destroy the pole before they completely become candle dolls. He responded with "I don't know what it is, but I will destroy it." He didn't even ponder why they were making such ridiculous poses, why they were unable to move, and why they called out to him in the first place.

    After he destroys the pole, he goes on to ask them "Why don't you run away?" Then they yell out they cannot move, and Luffy responds with "Why didn't you tell me about that? You just told me to destroy the pole."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    I doubt she's an ESFP. It's just not her. Perhaps ESTP or ISTP works more for her. I'd go more for an ISTP. If Nami is annoyed by someone she has no problem making the person feel like shit. She doesn't really enjoy others butting into her business and I can't really see her 'socialising' with the crew.
    She could be a J for her certain organisation habits. I find her really hard to type.
    I don't see Nami as an introvert at all, she's always or almost focused on the external world, and she's not an intuitive anymore, she does'nt care in abstract thing in anyway. ES is her strongest side, and she so values her freedom, independance and spontaneity that she's clearly more an ESxP than an ESxJ. I think she's more ESFP than ESTP because she's not detached from events, she takes things very hearty. She does'nt socialize with the crew because she knows them ever and because she has to manage them (Luffy being too stupid for) but she's often the most caring and friendly with weak people they meet and help. By the way, the idea to help people come often from her, she's very altruistic and cooperative. I think you find her hard to type because you've not enough examples of smart ESFP azmong your frameworks. But see, for example, Buffy in BTVS, and you'd probably see many similarities.

    More like an ENTJ wannabe. I doubt he'd make a great leader.
    That idea of the "ENTJ leader" is most part of the time a myth. Usopp can't lead his companions because they don't need of his leading. I've personally never let an ENTJ lead me, and you?
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    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    Kanon (2006)
    Yuuichi Aizawa - ESTP
    Ayu Tsukimia - ES/NFP
    Naiyuki Minase - ENFJ
    Mai Kawasumi - INFJ
    Makoto Sawatari - ESFP
    Shiori Misaka - INFJ/P
    Kaori Misaka - ENFJ/P
    Akiko Minase - INFJ
    Sayuri Kurata - INFP
    Mishio Amano - INFJ
    Jun Kitagawa - ESFP
    Kuze - E/INTJ
    Piro - Who can type an anime cat?

    Taiga - INFP
    Ryuuji - ISFJ (?)
    Kitamura - ESFJ
    Minase - ENFP
    Ami - ENT/FP

    Yui - ENFP
    Ritsu - ESFP
    Tsumugi - INFP/J
    Mio - IN/STJ
    Nadoka - INTJ
    Ui - INFP

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    Anime is the worst type of cartoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    Code Geass

    Lelouch Lamperouge - INTJ
    Nunnally Lamperouge - INFJ
    C.C. - INTP
    Shirley Fenette - ESFJ
    Kururugi Suzaku - ISTJ
    Kallen Stadtfeld - ESTP
    Rolo Lamperouge - ISFP
    Viletta Nu - ENTJ
    Kaname Ohgi - ISFJ
    Milly Ashford - ENTP
    Jeremiah Gottwald - ESTJ
    Charles Di Britannia - ENTJ
    Cornelia Li Britannia - ENTJ
    Schneizel El Britannia - ENTJ
    Marianne Vi Britannia - ENTP
    Euphemia Li Britannia - ENFJ

    My take on some of the Code Geass characters...

    Lelouch Lamperouge - INTJ
    Kururugi Suzaku - INFJ (I fairly doubt the ISTJ - his 'sticking to the rules' is just superficial; to me, he appears to be as skilled a manipulator/visionary as Lelouch is, which points to Ni, but uses opposite methods, which points to Fe. I think the INTJ-INFJ would also fit into the idea of 'contrast' characters (something along the lines of 'so similar, and yet so different'), which they clearly are.)
    Nunnally Lamperouge - INFP (I believe her actions are led by Fi, not Fe; unlike her brother, she's not a manipulator in the slightest, she's a natural 'peaceful-minded' peacemaker, and doesn't interfere until her values are violated; I also believe that the INTJ-INFP pairing feels very 'older sibling-younger sibling'.)
    C.C. - I'd say she's the hardest to type, because she lived and suffered so long it must have had a substantial effect on her personality. Judging from her behaviour in the flashback episodes and a some important moments in her present behaviour, I'd guess she is originally an ENFP. (Even if she does resemble an INTP now, I see it is a manifestation of the saying 'Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.' I just don't see the INTP in her 'I want to be loved!' Geass.)
    Cornelia Li Britannia - ESTJ (the ETJ is obvious, but I see her rather as an S than N; she is the conservative one here, more of a 'doer' than a strategist, the archetypal 'iron lady' with hidden warmth inside. I can see her and Nunnally as sort of counterparts.)
    Euphemia Li Britannia - ENFJ (originally I thought ENFP, but after more observation of ENFJ individuals I can definitely see that She also makes a different kind of a counterpart to Nunnally - they have the same goals and passions, but Euphemia is the 'expressive, pronounced' Fe one, while Nunnally is the 'quiet power' Fi one.)
    Schneizel El Britannia - ENTJ
    Anya - INTP (reserved, inconspicous, queer person with very smart questions and observations)
    Gino - ENxP
    Lloyd - ENTP
    Cecile - ISFJ
    Shirley Fenette - ESFJ
    Kallen Stadtfeld - ESTP
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsumatachi_san View Post
    Kanon (2006)
    Yui - ENFP
    Ritsu - ESFP
    Tsumugi - INFP/J
    Mio - IN/STJ
    Nadoka - INTJ
    Ui - INFP
    Interesting. I had a slightly different interpretation.

    Yui - ESFP

    Ritsu - ESTP

    Tsumugi - INFP

    Mio - INFJ

    Azusa - ISFJ

    Nodoka - INTJ

    Ui - ISFJ

    Sawako - ENFJ (A bipolar one) xD

    Music shop attendant that fixed Yui's guitar in episode 11 - ISTP

    Music shop manager - ESFJ

    School President - ISTJ

    Ui's friend in episode 8 - ESFJ

    Tsumugi's co-worker/job trainer in episode 13 - ENFP

    Yui's neighbor (sweeping outside) in episode 1 - ISFJ (just guessing).

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