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    Smile Twilight series characters

    I've been reading the Twilight series recently, and I really like it. I've read Twilight and New Moon so far. I'm waiting until May 31 to read Eclipse (although I read an excerpt of it in my copy of New Moon), because that's when they release the special editions with an excerpt from Breaking Dawn. I've been trying to type some characters, what do you think?

    Bella Swan: INFJ
    I totally identify with her, maybe that's why I love the books so much.

    Edward Cullen: INFX
    I'm not really sure about his preference of J vs. P, but I think he might be an INFJ. Not totally sure though.

    I wonder what Alice is? Hmmm... that will take a bit more thinking, because I tend to pay a lot more attention to Bella and Edward.
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    Well, from the reactions the books have gotten, I think a LOT of girls identify with Bella, so I don't think that we can really reach a type from that.

    ISFP would be my guess, from memory.

    And Edward. Gosh, I don't know. He's always so 'perfect' that it's hard to determine what he's 'perfecter' at.

    Most likely some sort of IF, anyway.
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    I'm not drawing a conclusion based on my type, just based on my observations from the books.
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    I believe Alice to be an enfp.

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    @articangel02 No she's CLEARLY Ne-Si. So I'd say INFP, or no personality type at all XD. And Edward is ISFJ, or XXXX because he's "perfect".
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