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Thread: What will Elfboy and Speed Gavroche type Dick Clark as?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZPowers View Post
    Not sure, but that may have been a joke implying Speed is immature.
    I recall him stating his age some time back, but maybe he had a birthday since then. He will then use that to prove that I am "WRONG" or that I LOSE.
    "I absorb energy like a sponge everywhere I go. It allows me to see the world and my purpose in it." Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures (INFJ)

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    I don't give a shit.
    When all else fails, claim it's rigged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    Starry's right, imo. Dick Clark was a cutie!

    Yah. If I'm remembering correctly...I think Dick Clark was pretty well known for his youthful appearance as well. And positive attitude. I didn't really know of him all that much...but after seeing some footage of him this one time...

    He had had a stroke...but still went ahead and did his New Year's Eve thing. And you could tell he was having a difficult time speaking...but he still totally did it and was super happy and positive and stuff (and then I think of if I had an upset stomach...or just felt a little down that day I would be like...'sorry can't do the show tonight'...???) That just really left an impression on me. I think he was a really strong, happy person that sincerely cared for other people. I could definitely see ESFJ as his type.

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