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Thread: Actor Cillian Murphy

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    I am now leaning towards ISTP with him. A lot of his acting seems to be centred around perfecting mannerisms, which makes me think he is using a lot of Se. Also the following interview is hilarious, doing publicity is so not his thing, he comes across as very matter-of-fact and there is an underlying sarcasm and he is trying to answer gracefully but not really succeeding (low Fe?):

    I also liked this article, his answer to why he chose to turn from being an agnostic into an atheist make me think that he is a T, since for him it's all about being rational. Also there is a certain abruptness to him in interviews, again he doesn't seem to employ a whole lot of Fe:

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    I just read this interview with Cillian Murphy about his new movie Red Lights (it's about investigating the paranormal, the trailer looks horrible though, am not sure I want to put myself through that):

    This part of the interview made me laugh out loud because he sounds so T that it almost hurts (he reminds me of a friend of mine who is an INTx, a fundamentalist atheist and a bit of a maths genius, I read this quote and thought "Cillian and my friend should start a book club or something, they sound identical.")

    Q. Do you give credence to them [psychics] or are you completely sceptical?

    Cillian Murphy: No, I’m completely sceptical. I’m kind of boringly rational, or pedantically rational. I’ve never seen anything than can’t be explained. Maybe I’m too involved in life to be worried about these things. But as I said, it’s when people are in vulnerable positions and they really start looking into this world that causes problems.

    Q. So, you came across nothing that made you even doubt for a second?

    Cillian Murphy: No. I did this other film, Sunshine, which was kind of about religion and science. There’s a crossover I think in terms of the subject matter and I spent a lot of time with these scientists. So, I really believe that we should be curious and always open but in order for something to be taken seriously there has to be empirical evidence. You can’t just claim something.
    I also saw Cillian Murphy perform onstage in a one-man-show called Misterman in April and this man is a force of nature, he spent 90 minutes running across the stage, fighting with himself (literally), cursing, spitting, reciting the Bible, looking lovestruck, impersonating a whole Irish village (brilliantly I have to say) etc. I think there is a massive amount of Se there, so I am sticking with ISTP for his type. He is incredibly normal and down-to-earth in real life but magnetic as a performer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    Cillian Murphy is most well-known for playing Scarecrow in "Batman Begins" and heir Robert Fischer in "Inception" and also for having one of the most distinctive faces in Hollywood. He is also an incredible actor, he has nailed every single role I have seen him in.
    I'm fine with an IN read (and he usually comes off as INF to me).

    The only role I've seen him falter in was the Time Cop in the movie "In Time" from last year. But I don't think that was his fault, the movie SUCKED and singlehandedly he tried to lift the movie out of the sewer. It was just too heavy to get it out.

    I note you're all suddenly classing him as ISTP.... I just don't get that perception, but I'll leave the discussion to you as I don't have time to watch all the videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    I am going to see him next week on the London stage in Misterman, check out the National Theatre. Am stupidly excited.
    lucky you how was it?

    anyway, I think he's definitely INxx and maybe a T?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitelion View Post
    lucky you how was it?

    anyway, I think he's definitely INxx and maybe a T?
    It was two years ago but it was great! Wasn't such a big fan of the play itself but he is an amazing actor.

    Am now pretty sure he is an INFx (he once said in an interview that he even cries when watching nature documentaries on TV and his whole demeanour just comes across as F to me, so doubt he is a T) Am also pretty sure he is a 9 (probably 9w1); down-to-earth with hardly any ego involved, pragmatic, values his integrity more than being the most successful or most respected actor, very private and hates being the centre of attention and once said that he doesn't have some big plan or necessarily know what he wants, he only knows what he doesn't want, which is an incredible 9ish comment to make.

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