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Thread: Ted Bundy

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    I mean. Can these people be accurately typed? They lack identity. Which is why they can be so manipulative and wear so many faces. They know enough to fake empathy and emotion. They know how it is supposed to look - what we look for in it. I think they spend a lot of their life "fitting in" more than fighting their urges.

    I'm not sure they know who they are or why they do what they do except that what they feel and desire is of utmost precedence.

    I think they are very empty inside and don't have the same capacity or spectrum for emotion we do. How to type that? Just my opinion.

    It was unsubstantiated but believed that Bundy first killed as a child. As there was some unsolved murders around his neighborhood growing up.
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    Yeah, he lacked a conscience, most likely, and was obviously antisocial.

    Some can not know their identity, shift among identities, but still have a conscience.

    The existence or annihilation of conscience makes all the difference.

    Which is why those with DID or DDNOS tend to be safe societally, because their inner conscience is protected. And why those who cannot dissociate are more dangerous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    Disagree emphatically. Unless this is some semantics fap.
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