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Thread: Documentary maker Louis Theroux

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    Default Documentary maker Louis Theroux

    Based on this interview, what type to you think he is?

    Here is a part of a newer documentary of his:

    [YOUTUBE=""]Louis Theroux[/YOUTUBE]

    My guess is ENxx so/sx.
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    That's an so/sx intp or infp. Take a wild guess on enneatype.

    thinking of you

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    Yep, inp 54 so/sx, I think. Having trouble deciding whether he's fi or ti though.

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    Yeah, as the interviewer says in the article, he is the kind of guy that everyone immediately wants to tell their life story to so normally I would think he is a F but INTPs can also give off this accepting, calm, non-judgmental vibe that makes people open up to him.

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    ENTJ. ENTJs can be non-assuming open types. They are naturally curious about people and non-judgemental. They also like to dig deep into people's psyche. He does not emote much, either.

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