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    Default scarlett o'hara's type??

    so....i was re-reading gone with the wind and i was just wondering what are your opinions regarding scarlett's type and other character's types.

    i think:
    Scarlett: ESTP(maybe ESFP ....i'm not sure)
    Rhett: ESTP also
    Ashley: INFJ
    Melanie: ENFJ
    Mammy: ESFJ

    what do you think?

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    I think Melanie is an ISFJ, more so a Guardian than an Idealist.
    Scarlett is more likely an ESTP than ESFP.
    As for the others, I would completely agree.

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    but still, melanie doesn't look very sensing, she seems more intuitive...

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    i feel like narcissistic personalities are EFP. an ESTP would have tertiary Fe, and would consequently maybe have some idea when to shut the fuck up. i havent really seen the movie, except when i was like 10 and god help me if i can sit through that shit back then, but i'd say ESFP from what i can remember for scarlett.

    and my great aunt trudy. fuck her.

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