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Thread: Mothers and MBTI

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    Lightbulb Mothers and MBTI


    Mrs Bennet- ESFP The “Totally There” Mother
    Arwen ENFP
    Cersei Lannister - INTJ The “Individual Integrity” Mother
    Catelyn Stark ESFJ The “Happy Together” Mother
    Piper Halliwell INFJ The “Know Thyself” Mother
    Lorelai Gilmore ENFP The “Kids R Fun” Mother
    Sarabi ISFJ The “Tender Loving Care” Mother.
    Amy Pond INFP The “Tuned In” Mother
    Sarah Jane (Doctor Who) INFJ
    Gwen (Torchwood) INFJ
    Hermoine ISTJ The “Responsibility” Mother
    Ginny Weasley ENFJ
    Molly Weasley ESFJ
    Sarah Conner- ISTP “Give ’Em Their Space” Mother
    Bulma ENTP The “Independence” Mother
    Videl ISFP The “Giving” Mother
    Chi Chi ESFJ
    Marge Simpson ISFJ
    Lois Griffin ENFJ The “Heart-to-Heart” Mother
    Padme ENFJ

    Mother Figures
    Snow White ISFJ
    Eowyn ESFJ
    Minerva McGonagall ESTJ
    Martha Kent ISFJ
    Esme Cullen INFP

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    I'd say Esme is more of an xSFJ, and Mrs. Bennet's a clear ESFJ (she cares way too much about what other people think to be an ESFP) but other than that, I agree!

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