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    Thumbs up MBTI and Doctor Who characters

    1st Doctor INTJ
    2nd Doctor ENFP
    3rd Doctor ISTP
    4th Doctor INTJ
    5th Doctor ENTP
    6th Doctor ENTJ
    7th Doctor INTJ
    8th Doctor INFJ
    9th Doctor INTJ and Rose Tyler ESFP
    10th Doctor ENTP and Donna Noble ESFJ
    11th Doctor ENFP, Amy Pond INFP and Rory Williams ISFP
    The Master INTJ
    Cyber men INTJ
    Darlek ESTJ
    River Song INTP
    Jack Harkness ESTP and Gwen INFJ
    Sarah Jane INFJ

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    Anyone watch DR Who?
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    I watch Doctor Who. I'm not very good at typing people, but I do agree with you on Rose being an ESFP. Rory strikes me as an ISFP as well and Amy seems like an INFP. The Master is definitely an INTJ.
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    Some of my thoughts:

    9th - INFP
    10th - ENFP
    11th - ENTP
    Martha - INTP

    Also, I don't think River is INTP but not sure which type to suggest.

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    9th Doctor - INTP
    10th Doctor - INxP
    11th Doctor -

    Amy's a clear INFP (Enneagram 6?) but with severe psychological issues (and she's also more balsy than most INFPs, and she was ESTJ, the shadow, in that episode where she grows 36 years... I think). Rory seems ISFJ but how he waited for Amy for 2000 years is very Fi, so I can see ISFP.

    Rose is an ESFP with certain Ne moments (but I do believe her Se is more developped), Donna is a clear ENFJ, Clara is an ENxP...

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    I've seen articles in magazines (Quality Seconds...and DWB's tribute to Troughton) that pin Doctors 2 and 5 down as introverts. And the external personality similarities between Doctors 2 and 7 get noted, except 7 is far more behind-the-scenes manipulative than 2. 7 plots ahead more. 2 has less control of his TARDIS. Troughton's Doctor occasionally goes almost unnoticed at times, sneaking around (sometimes in disguise) or deliberately stays in the background, spending more time listening and totting things up but takes charge/influences when needed.

    I have watched (or listened to in the case of over 100 Hartnell/Troughton episodes) every televised episode of Doctor Who. I'm slowly catching up with the Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures starring Doctors 4-8.

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    I thought the Doctors were consistently ENTP?

    I agree with an ESFP typing for Rose.

    I think Donna is an ESFJ.

    Martha I am unsure about however I am tempted to type her as an INFJ. She masterfully dealt with the Family of Blood and Year that Never Was crises on her own with no guidance from the Doctor in either case. Must have taken some wisdom.

    Jack seemed ESTP to me. He was willingly buried alive underground for almost 1900 years because he allowed his brother to be abducted and tortured. Seems tertiary or inferior Fe to me.

    I am not seeing INFP for Amy. Could anyone enlighten me? I admittedly did not pay the Moffat era the same attention.

    Rory seems ISFJ to me. IIRC he was told to wait 2000 years and didn't wait for his own reasons.

    The Master was an ENTJ in my book.

    I have no idea what Clara's type is but I assume it's the same as Amy's (Moffat doesn't seem big on characterisation IMO.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Standuble View Post
    I thought the Doctors were consistently ENTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swars View Post
    No reason mainly except that it was an idea I have heard over and over. In any case I would say 9,10 and 11 are ENTP (9 is just suffering from PTSD.)

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    Steven Moffat (current Doctor Who showrunner) did an interview for Doctor Who Magazine where he mentioned that Tom Baker's performance was a "look at me!" sort and David Tennant gave a bravura performance but described Matt Smith's performance as being closer to Patrick Troughton's. He said that Troughton appears to say "don't look at me"...which automatically draws your attention to him, where he doesn't have to be front and centre to attract the attention and uses more quiet moments or stands at the back, until it is time to take charge.

    The Seventh Doctor uses a filing cabinet.

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