Now I know she is commonly typed as INFJ but I'd like to know people's rationale for this. Personally I'm a bit conflicted. With all of the dark and twisted stuff* I've always been inclined to think she must be INFP - but then I suppose I shouldn't discount INFJs as being capable of this...

So what do you think? Please provide your reasoning and quotes will be especially appreciated

*Example: here's a favourite of mine among the wonderfully morbid ones:

I heard a Fly buzz – when I died –
The Stillness in the Room
Was like the Stillness in the Air –
Between the Heaves of Storm –

The Eyes around – had wrung them dry –
And Breaths were gathering firm
For that last Onset – when the King
Be witnessed – in the Room –

I willed my Keepsakes – Signed away
What portions of me be
Assignable – and then it was
There interposed a Fly –

With Blue – uncertain stumbling Buzz –
Between the light – and me –
And then the Windows failed – and then
I could not see to see –