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Thread: Norah Jones

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    Just so you know, I ADORE Norah Jones (who doesn't?) Her songs are amazing. And quite difficult to learn on the piano :/ But you can't really know what she is exactly unless she takes the Jung-Briggs test herself and posts it on the interwebz... which isn't very likely lol.

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    And the clock struck midnight.

    thinking of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    Lets take this opportunity to give everyone a crash course on MBTI Typing. Don't worry about accuracy in this segment - it doesn't matter about being correct, because this is MBTI - right? Right. Now, moving along:
    • If s/he is a musical artist of any kind, start with the ISFP.
    • Did the celebrity start his career as a comedian? Is s/he weird and funny? ENTP
    • Boringly normal: ISFJ or ISTJ
    • Righteous? INFJ Self-Righteous? ENFJ
    • If that smile you just saw was a bit too large and they have some "sassiness" (in other words loud and fun)? ESFJ
    • Could they have cut their wrist in high school? INFP Did they skip wrist for books? Or they're just strange, and wear glasses? INTP
    • Way too much energy, and/or quite possibly gay or permanently high if a male? ENFP
    • Shallow, loud, and dumb? ESFP
    • They win big, they lose big? They probably were bullies in high school and grew up to have a drinking problem? ESTP

    That said, she is likely an INFJ.
    Lol loved the descriptions.

    I think I am going to have to agree with you in say INFJ.

    I think she maybe a 9w1 Sp/Sx, but idk.

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