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Thread: "Lost" characters

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    Lost sounds like the model of a Beta-Quadra show -- combination of a "light," emotional group-dynamic atmosphere and a fast-moving, dead-serious, dark setting.

    I put Jack ENFJ, Kate INFJ (as I've seen her typed elsewhere), Sawyer ESTP, not that hard.

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    I try to keep the cultural differences in mind when typing characters

    Jack : ESTJ
    Kate: ISTP
    Sawyer : still not too sure but think he is NF in 'disguise' (his childhood was abhorrent & easily could've shifted his 'natural development')
    Walt: INFJ
    Locke: INTx .. leaning towards J. People tend to have misconceptions about the INTJ type. INTJs can be very mystical in their own right; they are perceivers first and foremost. (often people think of INTJs in a way that is really ISTJ)
    Ben: INFJ. Yet another misconception. INFJ's are the most 'NT' of the NFs... They do not come off as super emotionally driven and when they are unhealthy/ engage their Ni-Ti loops they can seem very logical and 'all-knowing'. They can also see through people very very easily and know that person's core being. Often sacrifice individual ideas for the Greater Good but Ni has the ability to dehumanize situations when it feels validated. Always looking to the big picture. also chameleon like and hard to get to know.
    Sayid: I am tempted to say ISTJ but I can also see INTP as valid.
    Boone: ISFP
    Claire: ESFP

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