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Thread: The Big Bang Theory

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    1. Sheldon is fictional character that is made to be a caricature and can't be typed.

    2. Sheldon has many personality disorders and mentaly ill people can't be properly typed.

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    I'm not going to read through all 13 pages of this.
    Here's what I think:

    Leonard - INxP
    Just because he's a physicist doesn't mean he can't be Fi-dom. I see a lot of Fi-Si looping in him especially in regards to his relationship with his mother, although that could just as easily be attributed to inferior Fe. There is probably more evidence for Ti/Fe but I would not argue hard with INFP. (I do have a hard time seeing inf-Te but I do see lots of Fi so.)

    Penny - ESFP
    Obviously she's SFP. I considered ISFP given her rather poor Te. But maybe it's actually poor Ni.

    Sheldon - INTP
    Typed by inferior functions. He's clearly he's Ti/Fe and he very clearly uses a lot of Si.

    Amy - ?
    Amy is either an INTJ who is discovering and developing her Fi-Se or a repressed ISFP. Though most of this is based on how I see her interact with Sheldon in the context of their relationship. She could also be INTP.

    Raaj - ISFP

    Emily - ?
    Haven't seen enough of her to really know, since I only watch the show sporadically. I'm inclined to think Se/Ni, like ESTP, but again, I don't know.

    Howard - ISTP
    "I" only because of inf-Fe. He's clearly very extraverted.

    Bernadette - ?
    Idek with this woman. Maybe ENTJ?
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    Yeah Sheldon is the quintessential INTP for comedy. He was super easy to type. There's like no doubt.
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    Here's what I think--

    Sheldon: ENTP
    Leonard: ISFJ
    Penny: ENFP
    Howard: ESFP
    Raj: INFP
    Amy: ENFJ
    Bernadette: ESTJ

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