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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    If he wasn't a theoretical physicist and comic book nerd, I could easily say ISTJ. He has quite a wild imagination.
    I'll give you theoretical physicist as a trend (i.e. not without exceptions) but I know a lot of comic book nerds and quite a large proportion seem to be some kind of SJ. I'm sure there are some ISTJs in there. Ever seen a comic book nerd relaying miles and miles of SJ statistics about superhero so and so in book 217 or whatever? Don't think that is a reliable factor.
    -end of thread-

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    I think Sheldon's type is difficult to guess at because it's so obscured by the ways in which he differs from the norm in the way his mind works, and in my experience with typing MBTI doesn't do such a great job at accounting for things like OCD, autism or genius (among many other quirks). His utter lack of regard for social norms seems very INTJ rather than ISTJ, but again it could just be that he's on the autism spectrum somewhere, which would be a huge factor in that trait. And his unusually high intelligence could be responsible for some of his wilder/more creative trains of thought in an otherwise fairly ISTJ-ish temperament.

    Overall I'm on team Sheldon=ISTJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post
    INTJs do seem too black and white to outsiders, because they know they are right. And so is Sheldon, from his own wicked perspective. Everything else can be attributed to his OCD (except for the 'emotional verbal fights' part, in which case most INTJs seriously misjudge themselves, methinks).
    Lolol I think you're right about that.
    "There's no need to be embarrassed about it, Mr. Spock. It happens to the birds and the bees!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    what makes you think sheldon is an intp? only thing common with intp i see in him is an obsession of logical correctness, but other types can do that also. and i think his obsession to logical correctness comes from being so obsessed with organizing(strong J things) and being so obsessed with logic that he cannot stand when he sees logical incorrectness in external world and he needs to kind of organize it. this sounds like obsessive Te, instead Ti thing, even tho it looks quite similar on the surface.

    his obsession to do things the same way over and over again points out to Si, intps rarely has this strong Si.
    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    i wouldnt call him ocd, imo he is just obsessed with the external world being organized to the extreme(bacteria away from hands etc), he does show signs of little ocd in this obsession of arranging the external world. ocd is for example when you wash your hands 10 times because you get irrational thoughts about what the bacteria does to you. sheldon doesent seem to have this kind of thoughts, he is just taking his obsession for logical correctness/arranging in the external world so far that it reminds of ocd.

    What do you base this Si-Ti looking like Te argument on? Its Ne + Ti or Se + Ti that might look like Te. And Si + Te looks like sheldon.

    You know intj can also show the same kind of obsessions that sheldon has about organizing. this suggests that his behavior comes more from Te rather than from Ti.

    that discussion that you quoted with leonard doesent show any signs of sheldon being an intp, its just showing his obsession to Si(that intps doesent really have since Si is their tertiary function). leonard is being the intp in that conversation.
    Ditto @poppy ^; Sheldon seems to be an Aspie ("high functioning" portion of the autism scale), which would greatly increase behaviors usually associated with Si, and to an overboard extent (need repetition, etc.), as well as "obsessiveness" and such being associated with J.

    He does seem to give INTP vibes to me, though I wold have to really look at his actual functions more.

    He does seem a bit "Melancholic" to an extent, which would make people think ISTJ (esp. with the supposed Si) or even the fellow "Chart the Course" INTJ. But he doesn't really seem quite as naturally "directive" as an IST or INJ; just very much blurting out whatever words come to mind; which would be a strong Aspie thing.

    So he might be
    + http://www.pastoral-counseling-cente...ic-control.htm (NT),
    which would place him technically sort of "between" INP and INJ, and since he has to be one or the other; I'm not yet completely sure which side he'll fall on.
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    Sheldon: INTJ (to the max)
    Leonard: Either INTP or INFP
    Howard: ENTP
    Raj: INTP
    Penny: ESFP

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    Please, Penny is a ENFP , yes ? I wanna know if im "getting it"
    if Im learning...Myers/briggs correctly

    ****post edit!
    wow. Mia answered me a second before I posted this. cool.!!

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    The two variations for Lenard up there.
    is one of them,INTP, rooted in the "real world" while the other
    (INFP) has a big fantasy component.
    or are they both 'high fantasy-dreamers"?

    all three of the boys are engaged in fantasy, a good bit

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    Penny: prototype of an ESFP
    Sheldon: ISTJ
    Amy: INTJ
    (this is why she and Sheldon play off of each other well, he likes her because she reminds him, of him, and engages his ego, but she has that Ni-perspective, which trumps his concrete tunnel vision time and again, with some grander application of his hypothesis, where it fails)
    Wolowitz: ENTP
    Rajesh Koothrapali: ISFJ
    (Raj and Howard are the ding to the other's dong)
    Bernedette: ESFJ
    (an inside-out, more brash, confident, Raj - whereby her E squares off against Howard's, unlike Raj, and she can let him have)
    Leonard: INFP
    Comic bookstore dude: IXTP
    Wil Wheton: ESTP
    Rhotacism dude (aka Kwipkwe): ENTJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    He could be INTP, or a reserved ESTJ of the Dilbert variety. In fact, the latter is most likely, given how energetic he is in arguments and the like.
    No. No he couldn't. This man does not have a Pness.

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    Sheldon is an EXTREME ISTJ. Probably could be diagnosed somewhere on the "Autism spectrum," (though he insists "his mother had him tested") which is why he doesn't act like the typical ISTJ. I think if you break the ISTJ type down though, it most closely resembles autism when its traits are taken to the max. Hence why some people say autism is an "extreme male brain" - ISTJ is the most common male type. Also may explain why Sheldon gets along well with Bernadette's obviously ISTx father. Anybody who wants to make the argument that Sheldon Cooper has a Pness, though, is just delusional. Stop with the function bullshit and read what being a type who extroverts perceiving is like compared to a type who extroverts judging. Which one Sheldon is is CLEAR AS DAY. He embodies all the most exaggerated J traits and is the complete opposite of the P traits in every conceivable way. I think people are trying to reconcile the fact that he is smart with the fact that his behavior seems to suggest the presence of the "Si" function. (Though I am skeptical of this way of typing). But stop with the stereotypes of sensors and start thinking about what Sheldon shows more of in his daily behavior. The answer is obvious.

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    Yes, Sheldon is an ISTJ.

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