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Thread: Anna Richardson (British TV Presenter)

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    Default Anna Richardson (British TV Presenter)

    This woman strikes me as ENFJ. She's from Supersize vs Superskinny and Sexperience (about sex ed) among other shows.

    She's also a writer (albiet of diet books) and describes herself as a passionate person who hates apathy.
    She doesn't mind pushing the envelope. It was actually impossible for me to get video's that would be friendly to all viewers and focused on her enough
    She's obviously very personal, warm and outwardly confident.
    She has values being educated about things, learning, teaching and helping.
    She really likes attention, lol.
    I think she has the ENFJ eyes.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Anna Richardson[/YOUTUBE]

    there are video's here from sexperience (nudity warning): Sexperience on Channel 4

    But I may be biased because she physically resembles an ENFJ I know irl and she makes me a bit
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