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    She is an amazing Australian singer who has been singing with Zero 7 in the past and is now getting more and more famous in her own right (She has written some of the songs for Christina Aguilera's newest album.)

    Here are two of her songs and videos (I think her style already says a lot about her personality):

    YouTube - Sia - You've Changed (Full-length video)

    YouTube - Sia - Buttons

    And here is an interview:

    YouTube - Exclusive Interview with Sia at All Points West Festival

    I know an ex-boyfriend of her's and he said that she has a huge heart but also quite a sensitive mind (an artist's mind I suppose) which can be a struggle psychologically.

    I would say she is an ENFP or ESFP but leaning towards ENFP since there is definitely an abstract element to a lot of her lyrics and behind the quirkiness she seems to have this deeper, melancholic side that I know from the ENFPs I have met.

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    I'm a big fan of Sia too!

    I agree with your typings. I was almost about to throw ISFP into the mix, but I think ESFP and ENFP are better matches. I can see a lot of Fi in her, and I can also see her as a Se user just as much as an Ne user.

    If I had to make a quick decision, I'd probably go with ENFP.

    I love her sound!

    Haha. I came across this next image and thought "OK, probs definitely gotta be an ENFP."

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    Yeah, her off-the-wall videos and humour also made me think ENFP.

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