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Thread: Pharrell Williams

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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    ^ Interesting point, and while I must admit I am not super familiar with Pharrell, he doesn't seem to be using nearly as aggressive and determined phrasings as the Eno quotes you've listed.

    I don't know much about Eno at all--I take it you've given him INFJ?

    Anyway, Williams here is stating things much more passively. His phrasings don't remind me that much of the ones you've posted by Eno. His Feeling is self-focused, not so much focused on others. He stresses that his main goal is expressing himself, and that if it makes an impact on others then that's cool, but not really necessary or the main point. He doesn't seem to have Eno's directive communication style, instead opting to phrase things much more informatively.

    INFJ artists seem focused on picking an important message and then making others feel it as part of a deliberate plan of action--manipulating the world all the time, as Eno put it.

    INFP artists seem more focused on picking an important message and then expressing it in a way that feels totally fulfilling to them. As long as the INFP got the message out into a creative medium that expresses how he felt about it, whether or not others react strongly to it is beside the point. That is the vibe Pharrell gives me in this interview.
    I don't know much about either at all. Just enough to get to the point where I can type them then move onto filling in the rest of that side of the rubik's cube.

    William's delivery is thinly glossed over in passivity; he's intent on drawing direct results/responses from whoever experiences his art with pre-defined questions, which is an alien process/concept to me.

    There's a different sort of cockiness that the two types exude that seems to be tied to their assertiveness and desire for official beginnings/endings. Consider the statement, "infps tend not to be as active when analyzing situations, aka purely based on emotional resonance, which can lead to making decisions based on inconclusive evidence." That sound like you could've written it? Because at times I've certainly felt a strange sort of arrogance by what I think might be too heavy a reliance on tertiary Si. Who knows what to call it.

    For instance, I wrote a childrens book for one of my last college courses that had a lot of dense as fuck emotion; as I read the thing in front of everyone, I carefully measured the temperature for subtleties, jaws slowly melting with each page. Once done, I left. Whether it's energy level or whatever one wants to call it is up to...

    Maybe Williams has lots of infp friends/family that influence him, or maybe it's too subtle a difference that I'm able to put into words. We can probably agree on the idea that infjs are less apt than infps to let their feelings dictate their actions/projections due to their function order. Williams' active collection of information (including emotional responses) leads me to believe that he's not working primarily from a feelings-based function, but from something else. He doesn't jump to lazy conclusions like an infp.

    I see this as Je at work; build it and they will come.

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    I vote INFJ, he doesnt have much of a social life, but makes time for family, he is extremely hard working, very artistic, seems intuitive, & juggles many different projects.
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    He's a NERD

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    istp guessing 7w8 sx/sp

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    ISFP Sx-Y

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    We need a thread for his hat too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
    I vote INFJ, he doesnt have much of a social life, but makes time for family, he is extremely hard working, very artistic, seems intuitive, & juggles many different projects.
    ISFP 7w6 sx. Perfect entertainer after all
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