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Thread: "Pawn Stars" types?

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    Default "Pawn Stars" types?

    The only reality show I watch, and one of my recent favorite TV shows, is "Pawn Stars." Next time I'm in Vegas, I'm definitely gonna drop by there and look for a Fender Jazz Bass. These guys are cool, funny, and I learn a lot from the show. So... their types? I make no pretense of being able to type others, so I'll let you guys do it.

    Rick - Owner, main character - This guy is awesome. Jovial, confident, intelligent, realistic, straight shooter, and seems like a happy guy, and I'm sure he's tough as nails.

    Corey "Big Hoss" - Rick's son - Calm, quiet, another straight shooter, confident.

    "Old Man" - Rick's Dad - Many years in the navy. Again, a straight shooter, does not suffer fools gladly, a bit cynical.

    Chumlee - Pawn Shop Clown - This guy cracks me up. Fun-loving, quick with silly jokes, up for anything, laid-back and chill.

    Okay, have at it all you Type Pros.

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    Love this show. The majority of the cast are STs by far.

    Rick- ESTX. I lean toward ESTP because he's slick and convincing when it comes to "making deals" and other such salesman-like activities, this seems a signature of the type. Could also be an ESTJ, he's very (VERY) pragmatic when it comes to making money for the shop and seems like a rather demanding, detail-oriented boss when overseeing Corey and Chumlee. Though I think the fact that Chumlee even works there might sell "Rick as ESTP" for me. An ESTP is more likely to be amused by his goofiness at work, I don't think an ESTJ would be quite as tolerant (maybe).

    Corey- ISTP. He is very similar to Rick only a bit less exuberant and more inwardly-focused. Likes to do solitary physical activities, like riding his motorcycle. He frequently falters by not thinking about the consequences of his actions= present oriented.

    "Old Man"- classic ISTJ. Values hard work, competency, and conservative business approaches. He seems less likely to take risks on buying unique items than Rick or Corey are. He keeps to himself at his desk, unless someone disturbs his peace.

    Chumlee- I will just quote your original post:

    This guy cracks me up. Fun-loving, quick with silly jokes, up for anything, laid-back and chill.
    Hey look! I might have spotted an ESFP!

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