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    Fun Speculation Time! An old show that I started watching again. I'm curious about the character typings....Search on here seems to be all over the place so if there has been a thread on this forgive me, I'm tired.

    I'm new to the whole typing so...

    Alan Shore - INFP or ENFP...I agree that he is damaged.

    Denny Crane - ESFP could be T unsure how "Mad Cow" changed him in his old age.

    Jerry Espenson - ENFP

    Katie Lloyd - ISFJ

    Shirley Schmidt - ENFJ

    Carl Sack - ENTJ

    Brad Chase - ESTJ
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    Alan Shore - ENFP. A really odd, damaged one. I adore that character, though I liked him more on The Practice.

    To be honest, I really only watched for Spader's Alan Shore, but I'd suppose that Denny is ESFP and Shirley is, as you guessed, ENFJ or something like it.

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