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    No one has done the Doma Arc (except Dartz)
    so here goes

    Alister/Amelda ISTJ
    Dartz ENTJ
    Rafael/Raphael INFJ
    Valon/Varon ENTP

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    Any series without Yugi as the main character I refuse to watch.

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    " just look at the vain-as-hell INTJs Light Yagami " Light is clearly an ENTJ. He is extroverted as fuck. Really. He screams at a dead opponent at his grave. He is kinda sloppy but really good at improvising after he made mistakes. He is reckless. And when he confesses at the end he seams reliefed. No, Light is not an INTJ. Kaiba might be. But his Te seems to be stronger then his Ni. Not as clear as with Light, but i will still say ENTJ.

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    Season 0

    Yugi: INFP
    Yami Yugi: total INTJ (tests people and punishes them with shadow realm if they break the rules - way darker)


    Yugi: IxTJ/INTJ? (Can be hard to tell. - trusts supernatural things easier than Kaiba, strong inner values - much more moral than the season 0 version, can often appear ISTJ especially in American dub)
    Kaiba: ENTJ 8w9 (Too much Te - but again, the American Dub Kaiba vs Japanese Dub Kaiba are a bit different)
    Joey: ESxP
    Triston: ISTJ
    Rex: ESTP
    Weavel: INTP
    Bakura: IxFP
    Teia: ENFJ (Friendship is the best thing ever)
    Yami Bakura: xNTJ leaning towards ENTJ (strategic, risky, maniacal laughter)
    Marek Ishtar: ENFJ
    Yami Marek: ENTP
    Pegasus: ENxx (I want to say ENTP do to his creative toon deck trickery but his obsession with his romantized love makes me unsure, I can see that or even ENFJ also)


    Yusei: INTJ (gut feelings, could read into Akiza extremely well and knew when she was going to pull a sudden win against someone - strategic - reserved and shows little emotion, strong inner values)
    Jack: ISTP
    Akiza: INFJ (the English dub makes her seem more extroverted, but in the sub she seems more reserved and colder at least at first than ENFJ that I've seen someone else type her as - also strategic)
    Luka: ExFP
    Luna: INFP (heavyily struck me with that vibe - her spirit world connection and focusing so much on the wellbeing of others and being one of few who didn't fear or judge Akiza alongside Yusei)
    Goodwin: xNTJ

    I only like the original Yugioh and Yugioh 5D's (it's got a pretty good and dark story concept if you ignore the motorcycle dueling that people ridicule - which they don't always do)
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